Louisville City FC President Djorn Buchholz Resigns



It's not often that on a soccer blog one can make obscure references to American presidential history, but today's news that Orlando City's USL Pro affiliate has parted ways with President Djorn Buchholz is a move that can only be called Harrisonian.

In a press release, Louisville City FC owner Wayne Estopinal announced Buchholz's resignation, saying "The team and investors of LCFC acknowledge Djorn's very positive contributions to the future success of LCFC. With the rapid expansion of the USL in the last few months, new USL conference structure, and league's emphasis on managing a much more complex and expansive management role, Mr. Buchholz elected to pursue other sports management opportunities."

Buchholz, who took over the new USL Pro side in August, will be replaced by the former second-in-command Amanda Duffy. She will be called "general manager" as opposed to "president." According to a source close to the situation, the decision was made over the weekend, but an announcement was held until a severance package deal could be completed.

For their part, the Louisville Coopers supporters club released a statement on the situation saying, "The news was obviously quite a surprise to Coopers leadership. In the time he was with the club, Buchholz took great pains to engage with the Coopers, appearing on multiple podcasts and joining us for events and meetings. He will no doubt be missed, and we as a supporters club wish him nothing but the best in whatever direction his future may take him."

The Coopers also expressed confidence in Duffy's leadership,as the club moves toward the 2015 campaign.

"We have nothing but confidence that (Duffy) is up for the task of running the club in its inaugural season, and look forward to working with her for the best fan experience possible going forward."

Buchholz declined comment for this story.


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