Louisville City Update: Reading the Twitter Leaves



With a couple of slow news weeks in the world of Orlando City SC’s USL PRO affiliate, Louisville City FC, one could be left grasping at straws for news. However, this is the 21st century and these days we have Twitter. Thank God for Twitter.

Many questions should be answered when the slate is finally released, including how the new USL PRO alignment will affect scheduling, and how many times Louisville gets to meet those pesky St. Louisans from down the river. (It's gonna be a rivalry, ok? It's happening. No ifs or buts).

We will also see how much playing in a baseball stadium will affect Louisville's ability to get prime scheduling dates. While the two are inevitably connected, the success of the club rests more on its ability to attract paying customers than winning on the field.

Former president Djorn Buchholz had said that LCFC expected to get 10-11 home dates on Saturdays, which will be crucial in attracting more than just the die-hards. Will LCFC be able to play on the weekend, or will the stadium's main tennant push soccer to weeknights? We will know soon enough.

Head Coach James O’Connor continues spanning the globe in search of players this week after arriving back stateside from a scouting trip in the U.K. This time he has traded the miserable cold of Louisville (It’s been in the single digits throughout the week) for the sunshine of Ft. Lauderdale, in hopes of snatching up some leftovers from the upcoming “Super”draft.

The Louisville Coopers have some thoughts on this trip's importance, and it indeed represents a potential opportunity to add some young talent to the roster.

Last month, Louisville announced the first three signings in club history, among them Israeli Guy Abend. He now has a Twitter account, so go check it out. Welcome to the 21st century, Guy.

That's it for your weekly LCFC update. See you next week.


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