Asking Orlando: Countdown to Opening Day



Over the past few years, Orlando has seen the popularity of its soccer club skyrocket like no other sports franchise in this city before. Hop on I-4 for a few miles and you're bound to see a few Lions car magnets, a billboard or two, and a radio ad if you're dialed into the right station.

With the fan base growing so rapidly, you needn't look far to find a fellow fan. This week we come once again from Friendly Confines at Waterford Lakes, meeting Jesse, TJ, and Earl over some five cent Coors Light.

We’re getting closer and closer to March 8 and Orlando City SC’s season opener. What’s your biggest concern for the team heading into the landmark day?

Jesse: I can only name one guy on defense, that can't be a good thing. I know who Collin is and I've seen him play, but I'm not familiar with these other guys and I don't know what to think about them.

Earl: I think the opener is going to be great. I’m more worried about what happens after. Remember how packed Wall Street got for the World Cup? You can’t even get a friendly on the TV at a bar, not even two years later. I hope the fan support doesn’t disappear like that for City.

TJ: I think you have to worry about chemistry. At least we're playing another expansion team. There's a lot of new faces trying to learn how to play together and that's not an easy thing to do.

There's been more and more evidence that Adrian Heath plans on using Brek Shea at left back. Do you like him in that role?

J: I'm not sure that solves the concern I have about the defense. He's not really a defender. He's a helluva player, though.

E: I don't see a problem with it, he's big and strong; strong left foot. I've liked him out wide playing for the national team but I think he can do fine at fullback.

T: It's not like he won't be on the attack. He's going to press forward and make his presence felt. I think it'll be on the rest of the back line to help cover, and on him to work hard to track back. It can work though.

How excited are you about the Moilino/Kaká chemistry rumors?

J: You have to be excited about Kaká being comfortable out there. He's a ridiculous talent; anything we can do to help him play at his best, that has to be considered exciting.

E: I hear it seems like they've been together for years. That has to be a good thing for Molino, a good thing for Kaká, good thing for the club. There's a lot of buzz heading into the season and those guys are a big reason.

T: Kaká is taking over this city, on and off the pitch. To know he's clicking with his teammates isn't surprising. He's clicking with the entire 407 area code like no athlete has before.

Any worries about a work stoppage not allowing us to #FillTheBowl?

J: I heard something about a potential strike. That would really suck, but it's been happening a lot in all kinds of sports.

E: I think it would be devastating. Major League Soccer, hell the sport as a whole, has a ton of momentum in this city right now. Do you go outside? You'd hardly know an NBA team played here. To see it all wrecked before it even really gets a chance to take off would be tough.

T: I wouldn't even be surprised. Hockey lost a whole season, and half a season. Basketball has missed two parts of seasons. Sports are big business, the players union is a union, and strikes happen when mix big business with unions.

What do you think about the answers given? How would you answer? Always be ready when rocking your OCSC gear, I just may be asking you the questions next!


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