Want to Learn How to Play Soccer? Let Orlando City Coach Adrian Heath Teach You How!



Flashback to June of 2009. The Austin Aztex are in the middle of their USL-1 season. Head Coach Adrian Heath is in his second year of managing the team after moving to America from England. Many players that would eventually end up in Orlando with the Lions were playing for the team, such as Miguel Gallardo, Jamie Watson, Ian Fuller, Yordany Alvarez and Lawrence Olum.

One day, a company that is based in Austin, approaches the Aztex about doing some tutorial videos for their new website about how to play soccer. The result is 21 different tutorials about the beautiful game, all narrated by Adrian Heath, presented by Livestrong.

Each video breaks down the basics of soccer, such as how to pass and kick the ball, how to play as a goalie and even how to shoot penalty kicks. In each one, Heath tries to explain in a very simplistic way, how to do each drill. These videos would be perfect for people who know nothing about soccer, and want to learn from the best soccer coach in Florida (I'm biased, of course).

The videos also feature three players that played for the Aztex U-23 squad and even had a player that would eventually make the move with the team to Orlando.

Carlos Vicens is the first player to appear in the video. He was a student at the University of Texas-Austin at the time and was originally from Mallorca, Spain. After 2009, Vicens never appeared with any other team and, to my knowledge, no longer plays professional soccer.

Next to appear is Ezual (or Ezzy) Lewis, who originated from Jamaica. A former member of the Jamaican U-20s, Lewis quit soccer after graduating from St. Edwards University in 2010 and is now in New York working as an administrative assistant.

The goalkeeper, Craig Hill, is actually still around playing. After playing in Puerto Rico for a year, Hill ended up with the San Antonio Scorpions of the NASL as their backup keeper. These days, Hill is over in Finland playing for Kultsu FC.

Finally, we get to the only player to appear in the video that played for Orlando City, Wes Allen. Allen ended up playing two seasons in Orlando, making 14 appearances and scoring three goals. After the 2012 season, he was not re-signed by the club and has since not played anywhere else professionally.

In the end, Adrian Heath does a decent job trying to get the basics of soccer out into 21 small segments and I applaud him for doing this. Plus, now we have these videos to look back on and reminisce.


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