Bold Prediction: Orlando City Will Win Tomorrow



Bold claims like the one I’m about to make often go unheeded or ignored, but after last week’s game in Columbus, now is the best time to throw this out there: Orlando City will win against Toronto FC on Sunday.

It goes without saying that Orlando winning at home this year is something that needs to be resolved. In three games, the Lions have had one draw and two losses after the 90th minute, courtesy of Vancouver and D.C. United. With that being said, the team is due for a good result at home. It’s unfair that Orlando has 30 thousand attending each home game and each time they seem to go home disappointed.

That changes tomorrow.

Orlando will most likely have one of its biggest crowds on hand (besides the home opener) to witness players like Jozy Altidore, Michael Bradley and Sebastian Giovinco playing in O-Town, so the support for the Lions will be, hopefully, at a very high level. The chanting from the supporters, the atmosphere from the city — it should all help give Orlando a better feeling towards the game.

Lions Head Coach Adrian Heath mentioned after training Friday, "The more it (the home record) keeps hangs around, the more we keep talking about it." Heath said to the press, "We need to get a victory and that's been the mantra of the training all week. Let's stay positive and let's get ready for this weekend, because it's a hugely important game for us."

While the team is ready to get the win, there's also the fact that their current season predicts either a win or a draw for the Lions. Looking at each game after a loss, Orlando has taken points from that game. As Kaká said during training two days ago, "In every game we didn't play good, the next game we played well, so this is good and this shows our mentality goes well after a tough period."

This is also a nationally televised game on Sunday, with the Lions playing on FOX Sports 1 for the first time this year. In all of the nationally televised games the Lions have played in, their record is 2-1-1 and in games on Sunday, they are 1-0-1. So all things are seemingly pointing towards a Lions win.

However, just to put it out there, this will be a big test for Orlando, which will be without starting defender Rafael Ramos due to suspension. As we wrote yesterday, Tyler Turner will have a chance to turn some heads defending some of the best MLS has to offer and I believe that he will rise to the challenge. All other starters are healthy and ready for the game tomorrow, so by 9 p.m. on Sunday night, many of you who read this article will be walking out of the Citrus Bowl celebrating Orlando City’s first home win of the year.


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