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Lion Links: 9/25/15



The only thing that can make Friday better is adding the fact that Orlando City will be beating New York Red Bulls with a little help from the Pope. OK, maybe the Pope isn’t going to contribute to the game at all but one can hope, one can hope…

Anyway, while Lewis Neal gets prepped to continue his run as the greatest player in the world, let’s prep up for match day with some Lion Links.

Orlando City Stadium Update

Want to keep yourself updated with the stadium progress downtown? Want to look at pictures of shady drug deals going on in the background? Well, the first one is guaranteed as Orlando City has set up live updates every 15 minutes with pictures of the new stadium. Dubbed "Stadium Stream," fans can look at current photos as well as go back in time. Now, to be fair, when I wrote this, the photo stream hadn't been updated in over an hour, but I doubt they will be updating overnight (if they do, those shady drug deals may just make an appearance).

Orlando City FIFA 16 Custom Cover

If you are anything like me, you have been holed up playing FIFA 16 nonstop since its release. If you are not like me, your friends and family will probably thank you. Regardless, you should be playing FIFA 16 and you also should be customizing it with a bad ass Orlando City custom cover, which can be found for PS4 and, for the "special" people out there, Xbox One.

Orlando City Makes the SiriusXM Kit Contest Finals
Orlando fans shouldn't be surprised that our glorious purple kit has made it into the finals for the SiriusXM FC Kit Competition (go vote, folks). They also shouldn't be surprised that we find ourselves in the position to stick it to our despicable neighbors up north, the Columbus Crew. That's right, of all the teams with ugly kits out there, Columbus made it to the finals to lose to us. Now they have to get obliterated by the fans for having such ugly kits compared to the amazing purple of our beloved Lions.

D.C. United Presents Pope Francis with Custom Kit

Speaking of kits and the Pope, Pope Francis was gifted a customized kit from D.C. United and the story is actually pretty interesting. Without delving into too much detail (because seriously, read it), a United supporter that was once married to Courtney Kennedy, daughter of the late Robert F. Kennedy and Ethel Kennedy, pulled some strings to get the kit to the Pope. The kit is emblazoned with the number 10, as the Pope is Argentinian and No. 10 is reserved for their best players. Wisely, D.C. seems to have run a spell check, unlike Tottenham.

That's all I have for today, folks. Go be like Lewis Neal and take the world by storm today and be sure to tune in tonight for the match, I hope to see some of you in the match thread!


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