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Lion Links: 10/9/15



Do you smell that? Yeah, it's the hopes and dreams of Montreal fans still burning in New York while the hopes and dreams of Orlando City fans smell like the sweet, sizzling bacon I will be enjoying for breakfast. With that amazing smell ingrained in your brain, let's move on to some tasty Lion Links.

PRO Attempts to Justify Oduro's Crap Goal

Yes, have your laugh now because this is not a joke. PRO Referees actually attempts to justify this complete garbage call by basically saying "the ref couldn't see it." I would be inclined to believe this if it was a middle school soccer game and the ref was a 90-year-old blind woman, but this is professional soccer and these are — hold the laughs please — professional referees. Needless to say, the refs were wrong and the attempted justification was even worse.

Orlando City’s Kaká Will Wear the No. 10 Shirt for Brazil

While Orlando fans may not all be glad to see Kaká leaving Orlando again, there is nothing to fear as Orlando has a convenient bye week this week (and the fact that Kaká is already suspended for the next game anyway). The Orlando City captain will wear the No. 10 shirt, as Brazilian star Neymar serves his two-match suspension. While Kaká sat on the bench for Brazil's 2-0 loss last night, he may yet see some playing time. Let's just hope he leaves this international break injury free.

Life for MLS Journeymen Remains Unstable

While the league has stabilized overall, the life of career journeymen is anything but, as shown in this piece from SB Nation. This piece shines a brilliant light on the struggles of switching from team to team to team to team, and will help MLS fans be more understanding when players don't adapt as quickly as expected. Having to pack up and move on short notice can often be hard for those players also in the process of starting a family, and fans seem to expect those players to perform immediately, but they need to temper those expectations as there are many factors a journeyman must deal with.

Alejandro Bedoya Ready for Mexico

In a fantastic piece from Sports Illustrated, Alejandro Bedoya reflects on how his experience with FC Nantes has prepared him for the huge clash between the USA and Mexico. Bedoya reflects on the cultural differences between France and the United States, as well as how his career with FC Nantes is helping him grow as a leader and as a player. We all just hope he can translate this on the pitch tomorrow as a "Dos a Cero" awaits the boys in red, white, and blue.

USSF and Fans Fight Over Phrase Trademark

Speaking of "Dos a Cero," many soccer fans are upset that the USSF has filed for a trademark on the saying and they are fighting back. Soccer fan Morgan Hughes filed a letter of protest to the trademark stating, "Dos a Cero doesn't belong to anybody. Dos a Cero belongs to everybody." A truly inspiring speech that, I hope, leads to the U.S. denying the trademark. Let's be honest, no one wants to see such a popular phrase owned by a single entity that will undoubtedly use it for monetary purposes.

Brek and Avi – Episode 2

A few weeks have gone by since the pilot episode, but Brek Shea and Eric Avila are back with episode 2 of the Brek and Avi show. This one has the boys playing golf with Harrison Heath and Servando Carrasco for the "Ride or Die Cup." Be sure to check it out here!

Well, that's all I have for today, folks. Enjoy your day and don't forget to get those "Dos a Cero" chants ready for tomorrow.


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