Orlando City Stock Watch: Ramos Rebounds Following Poor Start to Season



You know what I'm sick of? I'm sick of — week after week after week after week — the referees overshadowing the players and the game itself. This is me exasperated, exhausted, and overwhelmingly fatigued from the whole process.

What's really fun about having the opportunity to write about sports is having an excuse to enjoy sports. "Honey, would you mind watching the 2-year-old Saturday night? I need to watch the City game live for a time sensitive deadline." That's a real life sentence that I got to say to my significant other, and the awesomeness of that reality is not lost on me. I feel like I'm one lucky sunuvabitch.

What's really tedious about having the opportunity to write about sports, is when the games aren't about the sport anymore. When they're about the officials. And they've been about the officials all season long.

I'm over it.

Following last weekend’s 3-2 loss to the New York Red Bulls — again, mired by controversial officiating — how does the stock watch feel about the performances?


Rafael Ramos – I don’t think it was a great game from Ramos. A quick look at any shot chart shows you virtually every shot that came at net from the defense’s left was blocked, while virtually every shot that came from the defense’s right was either saved, or, well, not saved.

Ramos did, however, do a much better job offensively. He got forward early and often, completing two of his six crosses and earning an assist. His three key passes were a good sign, but the three defenders he left in the dust with his dribbling were particularly impressive to me.

Considering the season he's had, that sort of offensive effort is enough to see his stock climb.

Cyle Larin – Kid Fantastic was at it again, scoring the goal that Ramos’ cross created. He always seems to find the back of the net when playing in New York or New Jersey. He didn’t use his size particularly well on the ball, but he did do a good job attacking the net, earning credit for two of City’s three shots on target.

He also did a good job of getting fouled, being credited with four fouls suffered. We all know there were — at least — five. But, y'know. PRO and stuff.


Kevin Molino – After seeing his stock rise last week, Molino watches it plummet this week. A really tough outing for The Original, failing to complete even 70% of his passes without his favorite teammate, Captain Kaká, on the pitch.

His 43 touches put him in a three-way tie for fifth-highest on the team — certainly not good enough when we're missing big names such as Kaká and Antonio Nocerino. To top off the inefficiency, the Trinidadian added six unsuccessful touches, turning the ball over at will.

Molino is fantastic, of course. A bad outing is just that — #MolinoMania will run wild again. Here's to hoping it happens soon.

Carlos Rivas – 66.7% crossing. A yellow card. Dispossessed three times. I’m not gonna pile on Carlos here — truthfully, you could have put about eight guys in this slot. The Deportivo Cali expat has loads of athletic talent, but like much of the club, simply couldn’t put it together this match.

Please, universe, allow these Lions to find the ability to win a soccer game again. April 3 was a long, long time ago.

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