Exploring Some of Orlando City’s Potential Summer Transfer Targets



I just want to preface all this by saying that the club hasn’t hinted at any of these players joining the team. I’m just going over some players with expiring contracts who would find room for themselves on the team right away. With the departure of Aurélien Collin, Orlando City has a new international slot open and one could assume that the club will be doing its best to try to bring in someone to fill it in and help take City to the playoffs in its second year.

That having been said, let's have some fun and use our imaginations. Shall we?

1. Zlatan Ibrahimović

So, the perennial rumor that will never die might finally get an answer this summer. King Zlatan has made no secrets about his desire to move on from Paris Saint-Germain and has said his next move will be a “big surprise.” Now, it’s extremely unlikely this means taking a massive pay cut to come play in America, but let’s imagine for a second an attack comprised of Kaká, Cyle Larin, and Zlat–Oh my god, my head just exploded. Again, the huge part of this will be the financial constraints of the MLS salary cap and how the club would deal with already having the biggest contract in the league for it’s captain, Kaká, and being able to afford another superstar would be quite a feat.

2. Tom Huddlestone

The 29-year-old former Tottenham Hotspur defensive mid seemingly has turned his play around in the last month and a half for Hull City. I think it may be because he realized he’s leaving and wants to impress any potential suitors. The problem again is his current market value. His transfer from Tottenham to Hull City cost the Tigers €5.8 million. Huddlestone has featured in four of Hull’s six matches, notching a goal and two assists and playing for at least 80 minutes in the matches he played in. Having him would make Higuita and Cerén somewhat redundant in the midfield.

3. Mathieu Flamini

If there is one qualifier for joining Orlando City, it’s having played with or being friends with Kaká. Flamini played with Orlando City’s captain at AC Milan in between his two Arsenal stints. I’m including him as the Threat Level Midnight scenario where, if the club signs him, we should be asking about the general well-being of Phil Rawlins and checking to see if he’s okay. Flamini is most recently famous for being subbed on in the 82nd minute of a UEFA Champions League match for Arsenal against Barcelona and then 47 seconds later conceding a penalty to Lionel Messi. Dear god in heaven, just because he’s there doesn’t mean you have to sign him.

4. Daniel Agger

At 31, there are worse options for MLS center backs than the former Scouser who left because he felt he was being underutilized by Brendan Rodgers. Agger left for his native Denmark for a relatively low transfer fee of £3 million. With the departure of Aurélien Collin, Orlando City might actually find itself in a better position along its back line if it happens to land Agger. The Danish defender missed some time earlier in the season with a calf injury and missed the April 10 match for his squad due to yellow card accumulation. Assuming the club did sign Agger, he'd play similar to Collin, just, sorta, better.

These are just a few names I found while researching expiring contracts this summer. Other names such as John Terry have popped up in conversation and rumors will continue to circulate about his departure from Chelsea. What are your thoughts on these players? Who would you like to see Orlando City go after in the summer transfer window?


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