Orlando City Stock Watch: Sporting KC Shuts Down Cyle Larin in 2-1 Victory Over Lions



Six matches. That's how long ago April 3 and three points were. In this one, we saw temporary blindness while defending a run and tunnel vision while attacking the net be the ultimate demise for Inchy's boys, who continue their struggle to put together the consistent effort from 11 men needed to win matches in Major League Soccer.

Their luck is bound to turn around soon enough. In the meantime, the Stock Watch casts its judgment on the 2-1 loss.


Tommy Redding – You know there’s not a lot of cream that rose to the top when a guy getting schooled by Dom Dwyer this badly finds himself rising.

But on the whole, Redding's performance was enough to see his stock climb. He completed every one of his 21 passes, though he never seemed to kick-start a counter attack with any of them. A team-leading 10 clearances show he was eager to be productive in the back — albeit a step too slow, at times.

Joe Bendik – Plain and simple, folks, Bendik is a monster. In what was arguably his strongest performance yet, Joe turned away shot after shot, including this sequence late in the first half.

He couldn't keep them all out — a theme as he continues to lack the help from the back line he deserves — but a season-high match score of 8.46 from Who Scored tells you he did just about all you could ask from a human being in net.


Brek Shea – A rough night for Brek. He was actually a threatening presence throughout the match, making great runs and being a nuisance on the left. There’s no question, however, that he was behind the play that had us shouting at the TV set the loudest.

Hindsight is 20/20, but you sure would like to have that one back.

Cyle Larin – Kid Fantastic came face to face with his kryptonite in Sporting KC’s duo of Matt Besler and Nuno Coelho who, along with Soni Mustivar, completely shut down the young striker. Credited with just 12 touches, Larin wasted two of them and was dispossessed from two more, resulting in what was unquestionably his least effective match of the year.

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Antonio Nocerino6
Brek Shea8
Kevin Molino8


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