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Lion Links: 8/11/16



Guess what, Mane Landers? It isn't Friday — at least not yet. The good news, however, is that I'm making a cameo appearance in your morning Lion Links. Let's dig right in to the linky goodness I found for you today.

Check Out This Time-lapse of the new Stadium Being Built

Of course the first thought you had when you woke up this morning was, "I'd really like to see exactly how much progress has been on our new stadium during 2016." Well, good news for you, Mane Lander — the club provided a time-lapse video showing the progress from Jan. 1 through Aug. 9. How cool is this?

On a scale of 1-10, how pumped are you to see this thing next season?

People Actually Want the Chicago Fire?

Believe it or not, reports from Chicago Now suggest that three (holy crap, three?!?) groups are interested in buying the Fire, should current ownership decide to sell.

Despite the truly awful product the club has put on the truly awful pitch they play on in the stadium which they have a truly awful lease agreement with, investors see the growth potential in Major League Soccer — and want in, circumstance be damned.

Can Major League Soccer Go Country?

Some of Music City's biggest movers are coming together in an effort to bring MLS to Tennessee. The 22-member "coalition," as they're calling themselves, is headed up by Bill Haggerty, the former commissioner of the Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development under Republican Gov. Bill Haslam.

They have a USL team on the way, and believe it to be "cooperative" with their goal of MLS expansion. Stay tuned to this one.

U.S. U-15 GNT Beats Mexico, 1-0

The 2016 U-15 Girls' Championship brought us a thrilling 1-0 result when the United States defeated Mexico. Mexico controlled much of the match in the early stages, until Mia Fischel put the decisive goal in net in the 60th minute.

Gabrielle Robinson — who scored a tournament record five of the 22 goals this team poured on Trinidad & Tobago — didn't start, but did see some time after coming on in the 51st.

SB Nation Releases EPL Preview

With the Premier League season kicking off this weekend, we know a lot of you Mane Landers out there are excited for the competition that comes with England's top flight. SB Nation's blogs have collaborated to produce phenomenal results yet again with the 2016 season preview. Scroll through to get up to speed — and check out Andi Thomas' piece on parity in the league. Great stuff.

That will do it for my cameo here in Lion Links. Get out their and kick Thursday's ass, and remember Travis Stevens is a baaad dude.


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