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Lion Links: 8/12/16



Welcome to another Friday edition of Lion Links! It's somehow August, and for many that means global football in its massive global scale is starting to whir to life again. The lower leagues have already started their new seasons and soon enough the big boys in Europe will start kicking it around once again. The summer felt a bit short, didn't it? Anyway, here are some Lion Links to get you ready for what will undoubtedly be a football packed weekend. Enjoy.

Nocerino Suspended for Chicago Fire Showdown

The MLS Disciplinary Committee has spoken, and Orlando City midfielder Antonio Nocerino won't be playing this weekend when the Lions travel to face the Chicago Fire. Nocerino kicked the ball at fallen Seattle Sounder Clint Dempsey in minute 33 of Sunday night's loss, which originally earned him a yellow card but has now been deemed violent conduct by the DisCo and will force him out of this weekend's tilt. It hasn't been a dream season for Nocerino since joining OCSC earlier this year, and that won't be changing this weekend.

Kaká Sees a Bright Future for MLS

We all know that the venture of bringing older stars to MLS isn’t just to see if they can muster up some of that old quality again, it’s also partially to draw some attention to America’s fledgling soccer league. MLS has struggled to take off in the past because of a bevy of socio-cultural roadblocks, but the sport finally seems to be gaining a concrete foothold in the Mecca of sports. Orlando City captain Kaká, a European legend himself, was asked about his thoughts and opinions on the league in regards to the future of the sport here in the states, and his answers are all positive.

One Game at a Time

The start of the European leagues usually signifies the beginning of the end for soccer in America. Though we aren’t quite at the tail end of the season, the postseason landscape is starting to shape, and it’s up to Orlando City’s staff and players to decide whether they’re going to be part of it or not. Kaká was asked about the team’s aspirations and goals earlier this week in training, emphasizing the team’s focus to improve as a whole.

You can't Help But Laugh

Some of you may follow the Premier League closely and some of you may not. Those of you who don’t might care to know that Newcastle United, one of the biggest and most historically involved clubs in England, was relegated last season. The prognosis of what’s wrong with a club like Newcastle could fill a book, but lingering at the top of the list of ailments is a roster of players that didn’t seem all that bothered to don the white and black stripes. Steven Taylor was among those names. Fans didn’t like the attitude that Taylor had when it came to their beloved club and were relatively happy to see him go. Taylor has since moved on to join the Portland Timbers, having quite a memorable debut, but not in a good way.

Gio, Again.

Sebastian Giovinco is tearing up MLS again. That’s really all there is to say here. I mean, have you seen his goals for Toronto FC this year? The man is playing FIFA with professional goalkeepers. The diminutive Italian is really giving Antonio Conte reason to regret his decision not to take him to the Euros this summer after bagging his third MLS Player of the Week award from the SB Nation MLS blogs.

That's it for today's links here at The Mane Land! Have a great weekend!


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