Some Things are Greater than Soccer



Under normal circumstances, it would be tough to blame you for not studying up on the Philadelphia Union in anticipation of their match on the Oct. 16. With the club freshly eliminated from playoff competition and limping towards this season's conclusion, there is little to get excited about aside from moral victories and glimpses of what could be next season.

It's fair if that bums you out. We've used a lot of strong, negative words to describe the club's struggles and losses this season. Words like devastating, crushing, disastrous. Words that now seem so silly applied to a game as Hurricane Matthew lines up our state in its cross hairs.

Perspective is a helluva thing, and a category 4 hurricane barreling down on your home will bring that perspective. The potential loss of property or life could be devastating, crushing, and disastrous. But some poor soccer results? That's little more than a bummer, in the grand scheme of things.

Stay safe, and keep in touch with your loved ones. You know how they worry.


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