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Lion Links: 1/8/18



Merry Monday morning, Mane Landers. Here we are at the start of a new week, and a week closer to the start of the season.

Orlando City’s Top Five Matches of 2018

Predicting the future is an uncertain endeavor at best, but it can be fun nonetheless. Looking ahead at the coming season, there are several matches that could be the top games of the season. Of course, the home opener makes the list, as does the first Atlanta United FC match. Check it out and let us know if you agree in the comments.

So Doggone Close

Nottingham Forest took on Arsenal in the third round of the FA Cup on Sunday. The underdogs took it to Arsenal and defeated the Gunners, 4-2. Two of those goals came from American defender Eric Lichaj. The 29-year-old scored in the 20th and 44th minutes of the match. As interesting as an American defender scoring two goals in the FA Cup is, the most important part is that Lichaj’s wife promised him a puppy if he scored a hat trick. A defender scored a brace, and it wasn’t good enough to get a puppy. That being said, we’re happy for Lichaj and Nottingham Forest.

Fastest Man Alive Headed to the EPL?

Usain Bolt is considering making the switch from sprinting to soccer. He is a lifelong Manchester United fan, and has secured a tryout with Borussia Dortmund. Depending on how he does in the Bundesliga, he might eventually make the jump to the English Premier League. Bolt would obviously be the fastest man on the pitch, but whether he could do anything with a soccer ball would be the bigger question.

VAR Controversies Reach Italy

Serie A has been using a video assistant referee replay system (VAR) and according to Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri it is causing more controversies than it’s solving. Evidently, Italians love drama, but it will be interesting to see how the VAR systems in Serie A and other leagues impact the game. For better or worse it does seem to be what is coming.

Free Kicks

That’s going to do it for this edition of Lion Links. As always, thanks for coming by, and keep checking back for all your Orlando City news.


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