Checking In on Preseason Promises



It’s already been two months since we checked in on the vows I made for the 2019 season, so where do I stand at this point? Of course this would have to come after the train wreck that occurred at home on Wednesday when Philadelphia Union took down a nine-man Orlando City, 3-1. Am I the only one that sings. “Flip, Flip, Flipadelphia” when trying to say Philadelphia with a straight face? If you know, you know.

I Vow to Trust the Process

This vow held a couple of vows in one — the first being that I vowed to trust Head Coach, James O’Connor. I’m still a believer, fam. We’re seeing huge improvements, the signings under his leadership have been great, and we had a really good June. O’Connor has certainly been tested these last several weeks with such a quick turnaround between matches, and we’ve been able to see how he carefully planned to manage minutes to keep Orlando City in it this season.

I also vowed to remember that a team isn’t made of one or two players. This is where the team seems to finally be working together. Robin Jansson and Lamine Sané’s performance against Columbus on the road last week was something of pure beauty. Tesho Akindele, Chris Mueller, and Nani have some magic chemistry and work together to look for best chances at goal.

I’m still in it, trusting the process, trusting O’Connor and his coaching staff, and trusting the players. I’m still on the fence about the front office, but maybe they’re starting to trust O’Connor as well.

I Vow to Support the Women

This summer and summer sickness have not gone quite as planned. There’s no excuse for me not having attended a match yet, especially when season ticket holders can get into three free matches. However, I’m watching more soccer than I’ve ever watched in my life. I’ve watched every broadcast of the Pride that I have had access to, I’ve been supporting our Pride players that have been off in the World Cup representing their various countries, and forcing my friends and family to listen to me, watch, and support. This World Cup has been so exciting and I’ve learned so much watching.

I Vow to Get Over My Grudge

My grudge stemmed from losing Scott Sutter and Amro Tarek before the start of this season. This one is still tough, especially as Tarek is just making a huge name for himself with the New York Red Bulls, week in and week out. It’s also expanding a bit, with Mohamed El-Munir’s crazy run against Sporting Kansas City. I’m also excited that the guys I started following are finding their ways, however that might be. Not sitting at the bottom of the standings is also helping with this for now.

Here’s that El-Munir goal by the way, in case you missed it.

I Vow to Stay Positive

You all know I’m a silver lining person! So let’s look at the positives as I see them.

  • Orlando City is still only a few points below the playoff line, so hope is not lost.
  • Mueller is connecting and making shots count.
  • Akindele is working his way up and making plays.
  • Will Johnson (and you know I was not a fan) plays the full 90 minutes, doesn’t stop, and has easily earned his MotM titles multiple times this season.
  • Dom Dwyer is back! We haven’t seen the long awaited goals, but I know they’re coming. That bicycle shot attempt in his first minutes since May?! Yes please.
  • Dillon Powers has been a nice addition when needed.
  • Uri Rosell is constant and reliable almost every time he takes the field.
  • Nani. That’s it. Just everything Nani.

I’m going to say it again, because it doesn’t get old. Loving our Lions is like being in a serious relationship. It’s magical, it takes work, and it can infuriate you, but the love never dies, the work never quits, and the support is unconditional! Here’s hoping we can quit with the red cards, keep playing like a cohesive team, and earn some much-needed points!

How are you doing? How are you feeling? Let us know!


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