View from the End Line: Mane Land Staff Predictions for March



It is that time of year again, my friends. The 2020 MLS campaign, its 25th to be exact, is about to kick off with an opening weekend that we have have all been waiting for. As the Lions prepare to start their sixth season in MLS, we decided to change things up a little bit. Instead of me staring into my $14.99 “as seen on TV” decorative crystal ball while enjoying three fingers of a nice rye whiskey, this season I will be polling my fellow colleagues at The Mane Land to bring you staff predictions for each month.

Without further ado, let’s just jump right in and see how everyone thinks Orlando City SC will begin this new season.

Jenn Glasheen

I think (hope) João Moutinho will be on fire right out of the gate, and Pedro Gallese will show out the way we’re all really hoping.


Colorado- Draw

Chicago-OCSC Win

Galaxy-OCSC Loss

Red Bulls-Draw

Michael Citro

I think things may take a bit of time to get going partly due to so many new pieces, but also due to Dwyer’s injury and Nani’s suspension. I surprised myself by not predicting a single win for the month, although the opener is a possibility. Chicago is a team Orlando has still never beaten at home, so the Lions are going to have to show me they can beat the Fire before I believe.

Orlando City 1-1 RSL

Colorado 1-1 Orlando City

Orlando City 1-2 Chicago

LA Galaxy 2-1 Orlando City

NYRB 1-0 Orlando City

Ben Miller

RSL: 2-1 victory for Orlando. Starting off on the right foot on the strength of the home crowd and new season excitement.

Colorado: 1-1 draw. Stumbling on the road without Nani makes things more difficult.

Chicago: 2-0 victory for Orlando. The captain’s return gets the Lions back to winning ways against the Fire back at home.

LA Galaxy: 2-0 victory for the Galaxy. Away struggles are away struggles against a strong Galaxy team.

New York Red Bulls: 2-1 victory for New York. Orlando gets a goal but scoring is elusive as the attack is still coming together.

Scott Carnevale

2-1 win vs. RSL

1-0 loss at Colorado

2-2 draw vs. Chicago

3-1 loss at LA

2-2 tie at NYRB

David Rohe

Orlando City 1-1 RSL

Colorado 1-0 Orlando City

Orlando City 1-0 Chicago

LAG 2-0 Orlando City

NYRB 1-1 Orlando City

The Bearded Guy

So many new pieces, a new culture, a new coach (again), and so many questions make predictions almost impossible. Having Dom Dwyer out due to injury and Nani out due to suspension just adds to the prediction chaos.

Orlando City 2-0 Real Salt Lake

Colorado 1-1 Orlando City

Orlando City 2-1 Chicago

LA Galaxy 1-1 Orlando City

NYRB 1-0 Orlando City

Predictions are a tricky business, especially when you have yet to see Oscar Pareja’s choice for a match day 18. The predictions should get easier as the season progresses, right? I think the majority of the staff sees a continuation of the club’s unbeaten streak on opening day, and it seems that even after five tough seasons, optimism remains for most of us. How do you see the first five matches panning out for the Lions? Let us know in the polls and comments below.

Polling Closed

Orlando City victory64
Orlando City loss8

Polling Closed

Orlando City victory31
Orlando City loss18

Polling Closed

Orlando City victory57
Orlando City loss11

Polling Closed

Orlando City victory7
Orlando City loss69

Polling Closed

Orlando City victory19
Orlando City loss32


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