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Lion Links: 10/22/20



Happy Thursday, Lionesses and Lions. As ever, I sincerely hope you overcame your hump day with ease. I have actually just arrived back home from vacation and am buzzing to get back to writing about Orlando City again. On a personal note, it was weird to be in Portland, where I ventured off to, and not because they say “keep Portland weird” or anything either.

To my pleasant surprise, the vast majority of people there actually comply with wearing masks and don’t make it seem like it’s like giving away their first born child like where I live. Also, sorry you all have to read my sort of cringeworthy opening “hump day” greeting again, but a week without it is all you get.

Anyway, a good deal of news happened related to Orlando City so on that note, let’s get into the part of this article people actually care about.

10-Man Orlando City B Falls at Home to the Richmond Kickers

Orlando City B lost once again and this time the poor result came against the Richmond Kickers. The Young Lions have an abysmal record of 1-10-3 this season, although they got off to a good start yesterday, taking an early lead before a red card changed the match. But, in the end, OCB conceded three times to fall, 3-1. It was another unwanted loss added to a somewhat worryingly long list. Sean Rollins released an in-depth recap on the match that discusses all the necessary details which can be found here. Says Orlando City Has Easiest Road

Dylan Butler of writes that Orlando City has the second-easiest remaining schedule. Apparently the Red Bulls and the Fire have the toughest remaining schedules.

The strength of schedule for each team was calculated by taking the 2020 average points per game at home and on the road for each team’s opponent to come up with a number that reflects how difficult the schedule is (or isn’t) for the final weeks of the season. A higher number means the schedule is more difficult, while a lower one means it’s easier.

However, one wonders if this takes into account the insane number of missing players Orlando has right now. Because not having starters in the lineup definitely makes it harder to win.

Orlando City Ready for Inter Miami Bout

Orlando City will travel to Miami to face its Floridian rivals, Inter Miami. The Lions are training hard prior to the match soon to be formally dubbed as “Tropic Thunder.” Orlando City is surely aware that the match will be no easy feat despite the fact that two of the three matches played against Miami have resulted in wins, so training hard prior to the bout is an absolute and non-negotiable must, especially if the Lions are going to make a run at the MLS Cup, as’s Calen Carr suggests they can.

Los Angeles NWSL side Officially Adopts the Name Angel City FC

The Orlando Pride will see a new side entering the NWSL and it is the long-awaited Los Angeles club. Angel City FC has been announced as the official name of the league’s new LA side. The team that is set to start playing in 2022 has an ownership group made up primarily of women, and that is the first time that has ever happened in U.S. professional sports. It’s great to see women’s soccer returning to Southern California seeing as the last team in said location was the Los Angeles Sol, where Orlando Pride star Marta used to play. The Sol sadly folded in 2010 and no pro clubs have occupied the South of Cali for 10 years . Welcome to NWSL, Angel City FC!

Free Kicks

  • Good news! Benji Michel, Uri Rosell, and Matheus Aias can all be seen in the club’s photos from training on Wednesday.
  • Andrew Wiebe’s dream bracket ends up with Orlando City playing FC Dallas for the MLS Cup.
  • Real Madrid suffered a stunning defeat at home, 3-2 against Ukrainian side Shakhtar Donetsk. The 13-time champions of Europe were no match for the Ukrainian champions and the loss has sent likers and dislikers of Madrid into a frenzy on social media.
  • The other side of Madrid did not have a very good day either. Atletico Madrid was absolutely rocked by the current European champions, Bayern Munich, 4-0. The Bavarians are seemingly establishing themselves as favorites for the prestigious competition already.
  • The controversial Valencia owners were followed by a supporter-hired Mariachi band. Valencia fans, like most others, are unable to voice their opinion in the stadium due to COVID-19, so what better way to show disgruntlement than with a passive aggressive serenading?
  • On the subject of massive winning margins, São Paulo Feminino won by a margin of 29-0.

That’ll do, pig. That is all for this Thursday’s set of links, so on that note, I’ll catch you on the flip side.


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