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Orlando City vs. Atlanta United: Player Grades and Man of the Match



That sucked. Orlando City went up north to Atlanta but forgot to bring any energy, limping to a 3-0 drubbing. Nobody for the Lions had a good night, but let’s see how each player fared in a night to forget.


GK, Adam Grinwis, 5.5 — He played exactly as well as you’d expect. Grinwis did make three decent saves and there wasn’t much he could do about the goals. One was a header off the turf into the corner, one was a deflection by his own man, and the other was a free shot from the top of the area just inside the other post. He made two huge saves in the final minutes of the game on Brooks Lennon and George Bello to keep the score from getting completely out of hand. Grinwis completed 12 of 15 passes, but was inaccurate with all three long ball attempts.

D, Joao Moutinho, 5 — Moutinho had some decent moments in this game, including a tackle and an accurate cross, but he didn’t have his best showing. He completed 48 passes at 86%, and one was key pass. Defensively he was largely overmatched by Luiz Araujo at times and didn’t do a great job. He completed a tackle, made an interception, and had five ball recoveries.

D, Robin Jansson, 5 — I thought Jansson was the better of the two center backs, but neither was great. He did a decent job stepping up at times when the midfield was overrun, but gave too much space for Atlanta to attack. He made two tackles, a clearance, and four ball recoveries in his 90 minutes of action. With the ball he was fine, completing 31 of 35 passes.

D, Antonio Carlos, 4.5 — This was one of Antonio Carlos’ weaker performances for Orlando. He got beat at times and made more mistakes than usual. He made three clearances. an interception, and seven ball recoveries. He completed 76% of his passes and conceded a pair of fouls, including a yellow card.

D, Ruan, 4 — Ruan was almost invisible all game. Nothing noteworthy to report offensively, with just 20 pass attempts, although he completed 16 of them. But he contributed no real offensive moments. Defensively he was even worse, losing all of his duels, giving away three fouls, and making zero defensive actions except three ball recoveries.

MF, Joey DeZart, 3.5 — Orlando was really bad in the middle of the park Friday and these grades reflect it. DeZart was too slow and sloppy in possession. Even though he completed 93% of passes, his passing was mostly conservative and the few times he tried progressing the ball he turned it over. He got dispossessed twice and had no answers for Atlanta’s dribblers, sans one foul and one tackle. He also made six ball recoveries. Nowhere near good enough in central midfield.

MF, Andres Perea, 4 — Perea was better than DeZart, but still not particularly good. In possession he was ok, completing 39 passes at 87%, but he made mistakes and didn’t link the lines or find Orlando’s playmakers consistently. Defensively he put up a lot of numbers — three tackles, an interception, a clearance, and eight ball recoveries — but, like with DeZart, it was too easy for Atlanta to progress the ball. Perea was also dispossessed twice and completed a dribble.

MF, Mauricio Pereyra, 6.5 (MotM) — Pereyra was pretty good, all things considered in this game. When he got on the ball, he was mostly effective, completing 34 passes at 83% including six of seven long balls and a key pass. He also completed a dribble, drew four fouls, made a tackle had one interception.

MF, Benji Michel, 4.5 — A pedestrian performance for Benji Michel. He showed flashes progressing the ball, but wasn’t dangerous in the final third and was sloppy, particularly with giveaways early in the game. Michel was dispossessed twice, completed no dribbles, and hit on nine of his 11 passes (82%). He had one shot after Moutinho set him up in a good spot but he fired off target with his left foot. That was it in terms of attacking output. He also registered a tackle, an interception and six ball recoveries.

F, Nani, 5.5 — Neither Designated Player was particularly at fault for Orlando’s lackluster performance. Nani was one of the few creative sparks for the Lions, finishing with two key passes and one of the team’s two shots on target. The quality wasn’t quite there, especially with his crossing, with only one of his seven crosses finding a target. He completed 24 of 33 passes (72.7%), and dropped deep to try to orchestrate play, while also finishing with two successful dribbles and two shots. His lack of defensive effort allowed plenty of room for the cross on Atlanta’s first goal. Defensively, he finished with three ball recoveries.

F, Daryl Dike, 4.5 — It’s hard to judge whether the team did a bad job feeding Dike or if Dike wasn’t good enough to impact the game. Either way, the striker had a poor game. The own goal off an Atlanta set piece is the obvious lowlight, although it hit off Nani first and he couldn’t do much about it, but his lack of offensive impact is what did the Lions in. He had only 21 touches, with no shots or key passes. He completed just six passes (66.7%) and made one dribble. Defensively he made a clearance and a ball recovery. Not all his fault since the service was largely non-existent, but his hold-up play and first touch wasn’t good enough.


F, Silvester van der Water (68’), 5.5 — The Dutch winger had some flashes of creativity but didn’t create much of a tangible impact. He completed just three passes, was dispossessed once, and his lone shot was off target. He also made three ball recoveries.

MF, Uri Rosell (68’), 6 — If Rosell started this game, it might have gone a lot better for Orlando City. He was much sharper with the ball, completing 97% of his passes and making relatively few mistakes. He also had a shot, made an interception and six ball recoveries. He was the only midfielder that made Atlanta uncomfortable enough to play negative balls in his short time on the pitch.

F, Tesho Akindele (74’), 5 — Not much to report on Tesho’s game with just eight touches in 16 minutes of action. To his credit, one of those was a key pass. He finished with two complete passes and was dispossessed once.

F, Chris Mueller (74’), 5 — He attempted — and whiffed on — a bicycle kick and killed a potentially dangerous attack where he was offside. He tried at least, but didn’t do much. Mueller completed six of eight passes including a key pass, and was dispossessed once.

D, Kyle Smith (83’), N/A — A brief cameo appearance for Smith, but he did have a decent cross. He completed three of five passes and made two ball recoveries in his brief time on the pitch.

That’s all I’ve got for this one. Leave your thoughts below and vote for your Man of The Match.

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