Your Favorite 2022 Orlando City Players as Craft Beers



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This article is strictly for the purpose of having fun. If you would like to take it too seriously, you are kindly invited to go read one of the many other serious articles available on The Mane Land. Thanks.

It’s that time of the year, Mane Landers! Each season I look at the roster and pair players (or at least those I haven’t included before) with a craft beer. I base the pairings on what is funny, punny, or whatever else I like. I make no promises that you will be able to find these beers locally. I also encourage you to share your thoughts whether you agree, disagree, or have your own suggestions for beers or players not mentioned.

Last year, I paired Alexandre Pato, Kyle Smith, Daryl Dike, and Rodrigo Schlegel with an appropriate selection of craft beers. If you want to know which beers I chose for those players please go check it out. Here are this year’s pairings.

Ercan Kara — Stiegl Pils, Stiegl Brewery

Orlando City’s new Austrian striker is certainly a tall glass of something at 6-foot-4, and when I think of tall beer glasses, I have to go with a pilsner. Fortunately, Austria is no stranger to good pilsners, including this beer from Salzburg. Stiegl Pils has been described as having “a great head and with a superb finish,” which is exactly what you want from your target striker.

According to the brewery:

“The elegant beer for connoisseurs who love a light, hoppy bitterness and a refined dry taste. Finest Saphir hops provide the typical lemony aroma and gently kiln-dried malt gives the beer its light color. Lean and vibrant – a first-class Pilsner beer.”

Facundo Torres — 11th Hour IPA, Crow Peak Brewing

It’s really all in the name, isn’t it? Orlando City’s own Crow deserves this great IPA from a brewery that shares his nickname. Of course, it’s not just the brewery name either. The Torres deal felt like it took until the 11th hour to get finished. Yes, it is an American IPA and Torres is Uruguayan, but he is definitely “smooth” and of “the finest quality,” much like this beer.

According to the brewery:

“11th Hour IPA is an American India pale ale. The style is characterized by a prominent hop aroma with citrusy or resinous/piney character due to the use of American hops such as Cascade and Centennial. The appearance of 11th Hour IPA is a clear, golden color with a nice white head. This traditional American IPA has a moderate piney/citrusy hop flavor and medium-high hop bitterness that is supported by a malty backbone. This beer has a smooth, medium-bodied mouthfeel with no astringency. 11th Hour IPA is brewed with the finest quality pale ale malt with some caramel malt and Carapils added for color, flavor and mouthfeel adjustment. Centennial and Cascade hops are added to give this IPA its “pure hoppiness” quality. Original Gravity is 14.3°P and alcohol by volume value is 6.5%.”

Silvester van der Water — La Trappe Tripel, La Trappe Trappist

Orlando City’s Dutchman should be familiar with this fine Tripel from La Trappe even if you are not. A Tripel is not always a go-to for many beer drinkers, but they are a nice change of pace and can be an acquired taste. That might be exactly what happens with van der Water this season. We saw flashes of what he brings to the table, but need him to grow into the role. If he can do so then “perfectly balanced” might end up being a good description for the winger.

According to the brewery:

“Amber-coloured Trappist ale with a broken white head. The harmonious taste starts off fruity and shifts to malty caramel; a perfectly balanced ale.”

Benji Michel — Dub City IPA, Modern Methods Brewing Company

Homegrown forward Benji Michel is absolutely loaded with charm, much like this West Coast IPA from Modern Methods Brewing Company. Of course, Benji himself has told us how important it is to get “the dub,” and it’s hard not to feel like a winner when you have a good beer in your hand. For some extra flourish, put a tiny cowboy hat on the rim and really celebrate his next goal.

According to the brewery:

“Our go-to West Coast IPA named for our fair city, Warren. Grapefruit, citrus, with hints of tropical fruit, its charm wins over even (some) non-IPA drinkers.”

As we head into another season, let me know if you were able to enjoy any of these selections. I also look forward to your own pairings in the comment section below.


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