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Orlando City vs. CF Montreal: Player Grades and Man of the Match



Orlando City’s 2022 season ended with a 2-0 loss to CF Montreal north of the border in the first round of the 2022 MLS Cup playoffs. The Lions had some golden opportunities to open the scoring but couldn’t hit the target. That opened the door for the hosts to take the win and move on.

Let’s take a look at the individual performances from this game.


GK, Pedro Gallese, 5 — Gallese didn’t have much to do in this game as Montreal only had two shots on target. The first time the Orlando City goalkeeper was called into action was in the 68th minute, when Ismael Kone got between Antonio Carlos and Ruan and slipped the ball under the Peruvian. The two goals conceded were a one-on-one opportunity and a penalty, so Gallese didn’t make any big mistakes. However, he didn’t make any saves and conceded twice. Additionally, he completed 59.1% of his 22 passes, including six of his 15 long balls.

D, Joao Moutinho, 4.5 — While Moutinho didn’t have a terrible game, he didn’t make much of a positive impact. Defensively, the left back had two tackles, one interception, one clearance, and one blocked shot. He completed 73.5% of his 34 passes, one of his six long balls, and his only cross. What knocked the defender’s grade down a bit was when he took down Djordje Mihailovic in the box for a penalty in second-half stoppage time. Even though a late equalizer was unlikely, the penalty conversion ended any chance for the Lions to extend their season.

D, Antonio Carlos, 5.5 — Carlos was pretty good for most of the game, especially on the defensive end. He had three tackles, two interceptions, two clearances, and three blocked shots. All of those were team highs. He completed 77.4% of his team-high 53 passes and five of his 12 long balls. He would’ve had a higher score but made two mistakes that contributed to the loss. In first-half injury time, Carlos was set up for an open shot in front of goal but hit it over the crossbar. In the 68th minute, he slid over to provide Rodrigo Schlegel some cover — not necessarily an error, but with Ruan being late to recognize the danger, it left space for Kone to receive the ball and score the game’s first goal.

D, Rodrigo Schlegel, 5.5 — While Carlos was more active than Schlegel, the Argentine didn’t make any mistakes that cost his team. Defensively, he had two interceptions and two clearances. He completed 84.4% of his 32 passes and one of his four long balls.

D, Ruan, 4.5 — Similar to Moutinho, Ruan didn’t make enough of an impact and was at fault for one of the Montreal goals. He finished the game with one tackle and one clearance defensively. He completed 76% of his 25 passes but didn’t complete either of his two crosses. His biggest impact on the game came in the 68th minute when Carlos slid over to provide some cover for Schlegel. The right back had a perfect view of Kone moving into the hole created by Carlos’ decision but didn’t move inside. Instead, he watched as Kone received the ball and put it past Gallese.

MF, Cesar Araujo, 6 — Araujo didn’t have the type of game that Orlando City fans have become used to, but he wasn’t bad in this one. He ended up with three tackles, one interception, and one clearance. On the attacking side, he completed 87.5% of his 40 passes and three of his four long balls. But none of his passes led to a scoring opportunity.

MF, Mauricio Pereyra, 7 (MotM) — The Orlando City captain did everything he could in this game to help his team win, but poor finishing by his teammates let him down. Pereyra ended the game with three tackles and two interceptions on the defensive side. He completed 84.6% of his 52 passes and four of his six long balls. Three of his passes were key and two set up the best chances of the game: first in the 25th minute for Ercan Kara and then in first-half injury time for Carlos. He also sent a perfect line-breaking pass to Ivan Angulo, but that too ended in a shot over the bar. Pereyra was, without question, the most positively impactful player for the Lions in this game.

MF, Facundo Torres, 5.5 — Torres didn’t have as impactful a game as you would hope from a player of his caliber. He completed 94.6% of his 37 passes but none led to scoring chances. He had one incomplete cross and one successful long ball. His only shot of the match came from the top of the area in the 51st minute. It was a decent look but like his teammates, Torres failed to get the shot on target.

MF, Junior Urso, 5.5 — Like many Lions, Urso didn’t have the game you’d hope for from a key player in a playoff game. The midfielder ended up completing 91.3% of his 23 passes and both of his long balls. He helped out defensively with one tackle, one interception, and two blocked shots. He was unable to get forward and help the attack in his box-to-box role and also wasn’t able to help win balls back and help keep possession much in the game.

MF, Ivan Angulo, 5.5 — Angulo started the game on the opposite side of Torres and had a similar performance, although he was tasked with playing deeper than usual to help out defensively with Alistair Johnston and Mihailovic. He completed 85.7% of his 14 passes but one of those passes led to an opportunity on goal. He took one shot in the first half but it was off target, like every other shot taken by the Lions.

F, Ercan Kara, 4.5 — Kara was more active than usual with 25 touches on the night, which is a considerable total given Orlando City’s lack of possession. He completed 76.9% of his 13 passes but none of them led to a chance on goal. The biggest moment of the game for Kara came in the 25th minute when Pereyra played him through. The striker was in on goal but his shot missed the target, squandering a great chance to take the lead. While there was an opportunity to square a pass for Ruan, the fullback was a bit behind him, so it’s uncertain if he knew the Brazilian was there and that wide open, and it would have required an accurate pass at full speed with his weaker left foot.


MF, Jake Mulraney (77’), 4 — Mulraney came on in the 77th minute for Urso but it was almost as if he never came on. The Irish midfielder only had three touches and completed his lone pass.

F, Benji Michel (77’), 5 — Michel came on in the 77th minute for Angulo to provide speed and energy but was barely noticeable. He only had seven touches, completed his only three passes, and didn’t take any shots.

F, Tesho Akindele (87’), N/A — Akindele came on in the 87th minute for Araujo and didn’t do much in his brief appearance. He didn’t make any costly mistakes but didn’t help much either. The forward only had three touches and didn’t complete his only pass.

D, Mikey Halliday (87’), N/A — Halliday came on with Akindele to replace Ruan. The defender only had three touches and completed two passes in the back.

That’s how I saw the individual performances in Orlando City’s final game of 2022. Let us know how you saw the game in the comments below and don’t forget to vote on your Man of the Match.

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