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Orlando City at CF Montreal: Player Grades and Man of the Match

How did your favorite Lions perform in a 2-0 loss to CF Montreal while north of the border?



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Orlando City traveled north of the border to take on CF Montreal in Stade Saputo, but came away with a 2-0 road loss. The Lions were unable to replicate the performance from last week, reverting to the team that wastes shots despite taking the match to the opposition early.  Let’s look at how each individual Lion did in the defeat in Montreal.


GK, Pedro Gallese, 6 —In the early going, Gallese was sharp. He made a diving save in the 21st minute on a shot by Ariel Lassiter. He also made an easy save on a header off a corner in the 32nd minute. Orlando City did concede two goals,but neither was Gallese’s fault. The first came off a deflection off Jansson, and the other from an unmarked Romell Quioto in the box. You simply can’t leave him open like that and expect your keeper to stop the shot from that close. 

D, Kyle Smith, 5.5 — Smith had a decent night for a right back playing left back. Early on he made a good recovery to shut down an attack on his side.Unfortunately, he was the first of many Lions to earn a yellow card in the 23rd minute, when he was a little late and caught the opponent’s foot with his. In the 26th minute he blocked a cross out for a corner which amounted to nothing. He also made it into the attack and managed two crosses, though neither made a difference. He passed at a 77.3% rate on 44 passes, with three tackles, two interceptions, one clearance, and one foul. He came off in the 68th minute for Rafael Santos.

D, Robin Jansson, 4.5 — If not for giving up an own goal, Jansson didn’t have a horrible night. Of course, scoring a goal for the opposition is never good. Jansson was given the captain’s armband for the match, and mostly kept his cool — at least compared to usual. He did the things he normally does like completing three of six long balls, and making runs into the midfield to break lines. He completed 86.8% of his 38 passes, made two interceptions, and had one clearance.

D, Antonio Carlos, 6 — Last match Carlos seemed to be channeling his center back partner Jansson’s penchant for accurate long balls. This week, he completed a solid eight of 14, but none were as impactful. Defensively, he wasn’t culpable on either of the goals conceded, as he was rightly marking Chinonso Offor on Quioto’s goal, and couldn’t do anything on the own goal. That battle with Offor was a constant all match. He completed 86.4% of his 44 passes. Defensively, he made one tackle, two interceptions, and two clearances, committed two fouls,and also suffered two fouls.

D, Michael Halliday, 5.5 — Halliday was on the front foot with the rest of Orlando City in the early going. He didn’t manage as many crosses as he has in other matches — only one in this match and it was off target — but he did complete both of his long balls. In the 13th minute, he earned a foul by taking an elbow to the face, though there was no card given. He did earn a yellow card himself in the 41st minute. Halliday was one of the three defenders surrounding Quioto on his goal, though his assignment was the back post, not the middle. He completed 85% of his 20 passes, made one clearance, and committed two fouls. He attempted one shot but didn’t get it close to on target, but it was an ambitious half-volley effort.

MF, Cesar Araujo, 6 — Araujo drew four fouls, made a tackle, had two interceptions, and recorded one clearance. He passed for a team-high 89.1% rate on a team-high 46 passes. I started with his stats because despite all of that, he seemed a little off. His numbers aren’t bad, but I felt he wasn’t as sharp. His frustration boiled over in the 74th minute when he committed an off-the-ball foul that resulted in a yellow card.

MF, Wilder Cartagena, 5.5 — Cartagena started out pretty well, getting good pressure in the midfield alongside Araujo. He then had a couple of giveaways, one of which earned him a foul and the other that led to a breakaway which resulted in a yellow for Halliday. It was a mixed bag for the defensive midfielder on the night. Cartagena made three key passes, four tackles, committed two fouls, and completed 85% of 40 passes. He subbed off for Felipe Martins in the 68th minute.

MF, Ivan Angulo, 6 — Angulo was his normal, pacey, willing-to-take-on-multiple-defenders, self. Once again he made some good runs into the opposition’s box, and in the 25th minute he dumped the ball back to Kara for a golden opportunity to score, but Kara wasn’t able to get the ball out cleanly. All three of his own shots were off target — a problem for most of the club. He completed 69.6% of his 23 passes, including one successful long ball and had one interception. He lost track of Herrera on the second Montreal goal. 

MF, Martin Ojeda, 6 — One of these days, Ojeda will bury a goal from outside the box on either a free kick, or during the run of play. His shot from outside the box in the 15th minute — his only attempt in the match — went wide right of the goal. Ojeda made three key passes in the match, completing 81.3% of his 32 passes. He completed all three of his long balls, and put in four crosses, with three of them accurate. Despite that, he wasn’t as sharp as he has more recently been. Orlando City’s newest DP is so close to breaking through with a goal, but it wasn’t to be against Montreal.

MF, Facundo Torres, 5.5 — In the early going Torres and the midfield were connecting passes and bothering the Montreal defense. Torres took two shots in the match, neither of which were on target. Whatever sharpness he had left over from the previous match melted away pretty quickly. He managed one key pass on the night, passing at an 86.2% rate on 29 passes. Like Ojeda he was successful on his long balls — completing five of six — but the more clinical quick pass connections in the attack were missing.

F, Ercan Kara, 6.5 (MOTM) — Kara was the only Orlando City player to put the ball on target — two of his four shots. He wasn’t able to get a good angle on the ball in the 14th minute, and sent his header straight into the ground. His free kick in the 38th minute was easily saved. He made a nice pass with his head to Torres in the 54th but Torres’ shot was blocked. His hold-up play when available was decent and he suffered three fouls. He made two key passes on the night, completing 72.7% of his 11 passes. He was only called offside once on the night.


MF, Felipe (68′), 5.5 — Felipe came on for Cartagena and despite only managing 19 touches, he took a shot — a free kick that sailed very high — earned a yellow card, and passed at an 86.7% rate on 15 passes. He certainly made his presence felt, but not in a good enough way for a better grade.

D, Rafael Santos (68′), 5 — Santos managed 13 touches after coming on for Smith. He added one tackle, and one interception defensively. He passed at an 87.5% rate on eight passes and managed one cross.

F, Duncan McGuire (68′), 5 — McGuire only touched the ball four times in 22 minutes and did not have a shot attempt, but did manage to suffer three fouls for his hold-up play effort. He only made one pass, which he completed. He just couldn’t impact the match.

MF, Ramiro Enrique (76′), 4.5 — Enrique was on the pitch for less than a minute after subbing in for Ojeda when he received a yellow card for a late challenge. He only managed four touches, though one of those was a shot that was nowhere near the goal. He attempted no passes. He managed an interception and committed two fouls.

MF, Gaston Gonzalez (79′), N/A — After coming on for Angulo, Gonzalez managed six touches. He didn’t play long enough to properly grade him, but he didn’t commit any needless fouls or make any other kind of mistakes.

That’s how I saw each performance from the Lions in their 2-0 loss at Stade Saputo against CF Montreal. The Lions finally got a home win, and immediately followed that up with a road loss. Who was your Man of the Match? Make sure to vote in our poll and let us know what you think in the comments!


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