Kaká on Brazilian Program: “Next year will be my last at Orlando”



Did Kaká let slip his plans beyond 2017 on a Brazilian TV show? Orlando City’s midfield maestro recently told Desimpedidos, a soccer/comedy program, that next year will be his last in the City Beautiful.

Here’s a transcript of the relevant passage of the video below, as translated from Portuguese to English by SB Nation’s Renato Gonçalves:

Interviewer: "What are you going to do when you're done?"

Kaká: "I don't know yet, I don't know…I do want to stay involved with soccer, that's what I want."

Interviewer: "How long are you still planning on playing?"

Kaká: "Next year will be my last at Orlando."

Interviewer: "Then you'll return to Brazil, and where will you play?"

Kaká: "If I come back, it's São Paulo. Not even with a big money offer from another club. It needs to have a context. You're not spending your whole day sitting in a chair looking at your bank account."

Interviewer: "But is there a place that you thought 'I should have played there?’

Kaká: "If I had done a career plan before I started playing, I would have definitely played a few years in England."

Here’s the interview, for you Portuguese speakers:

Kaká revela futuro no Orlando City em participação no Desimped…

Kaká revelou em participação no Desimpedidos que atuará pelo Orlando City apenas até o final da temporada 2017, quando acaba seu contrato. Após essa data, qual será o próximo desafio do camisa 10?

Posted by MLS da Depressão on Sunday, November 20, 2016

This doesn’t necessarily mean Kaká is definitely out of here after 2017, which is when his contract is up with Orlando City. The captain may simply have left unspoken the possibility of extension. That said, he’ll be 35 in April and he can’t play forever. If he indeed has designs on playing in his native Brazil again before he hangs up his boots, it’ll have to be relatively soon.

What do you think he meant?


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