Cyle Larin Issues Apology for His Actions in the Wake of His DUI Arrest Thursday Morning



Orlando City striker Cyle Larin has issued a statement regarding his arrest early Thursday morning for driving under the influence of alcohol, when his test turned up double the legal limit in his system. The arrest has been a difficult time for Orlando City as a club, as well as its fans, Cyle’s teammates, and — most of all, though self-inflicted — Larin himself.

This morning, the MLS star issued the following statement via social media:

The statement is the first we’ve heard from Larin since his arrest. The apology won’t and can’t un-ring the bell that Cyle’s actions rung in the wee hours of Wednesday night/Thursday morning, nor will it make anyone forget the way Larin behaved while trying to extricate himself from the situation once he was caught. But it’s a good first step toward moving forward and putting this incident in the rear-view mirror. It was a necessary step if Larin is to recover from the actions that saw him driving the wrong way down Orange Ave. in the middle of the night.

It will be interesting in the coming days and weeks, as Larin goes through the MLS Substance Abuse and Behavioral Health Program and faces the consequences of his actions, how his teammates and Orlando City fans treat the normally quiet Canadian in his efforts to put this incident in the past.


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