PawedCast Episode 188: Rapids Rewind, Coronavirus Ruins Everything, SheBelieves Cup, the Orlando Pride and More



Sheesh, I can’t even get a little sinusitis and have an internet meltdown in a three-day span without the entire world falling apart. Last week’s show was punted once due to technical problems with my health and once again due to Spectrum’s technical problems getting internet into my home. Since then, seemingly every sport, event, and attraction has shut down as we look to stop the spread of the coronavirus so we can all get back to normal. It’s been a weird fricken week, my friends.

We discuss how the weirdness unfolded last week and Orlando City’s trip to Colorado, which seemed to be going mostly OK until it wasn’t anymore. Them Rapids, man. They’ve got a bad altitude. We look back at our predictions and choose our Man of the Match.

The SheBelieves Cup went much more smoothly for our USWNT. The tournament was a competitive one and a good one for the Stars & Stripes. We talk about that and then touch on some Pride news, both in the signings department, the preseason that got instantly wiped away, and Orlando’s players in the W-League.

Finally, we answer our mailbag questions. If there’s something you want us to address on our next show, just ask by tweeting it to us @TheManeLand with the hashtag #AskTMLPC.

Hopefully we’ll have better news to bring you in the coming weeks. Stay safe and enjoy the show.

Here’s how show No. 188 went down:

0:15 – The coronavirus ruins everything and we break down the Lions at the ‘Pids, which could have been a lot more awesome…but wasn’t.

45:51 – The Orlando Pride signings and preseason roster, the 2020 SheBelieves Cup, and the Pride in the W-League and somehow we end up talking about Tom Brady.

1:08:22 – Listener mail!


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