PawedCast Episode 192: Youth Academies, Worst XI, Quarantine Vices, and More



The long, dark surprise off-season continues and we have no soccer but manage to find things to talk about week after week anyway. This week we start off with a discussion of the results of our “quaranteam” voting and… yup, Tom Sermanni rules. That takes us into our discussion of Scott Carnevale’s “Worst Orlando City XI” of the MLS era. It’s not our favorite topic but hey, there have been no games for more than a month. Was Carlos Rivas bad? Should injuries count? We break it down in way too much detail.

We also talked about our worst vices under quarantine. I basically need to stop spending my entire stimulus check on music purchases. Also, I miss my car. And hey, do you want to be on this show with us? You could be. Listen to find out how.

No questions in the mailbag this week, but if there’s anything — and we do mean anything —you want us to address on our next show, just ask by tweeting it to us at @TheManeLand with the hashtag #AskTMLPC.

Stay safe and enjoy the show.

Here’s how show No. 192 went down:

0:15 – Me and Dave talk about newsy stuff. It’s a short segment.

13:42 – The Worst XI. Let’s get into it.

39:28 – We have no questions, being behind on podcasts, plus, our top quarantine vices.

49:45 – Come on the show with us!


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