PawedCast Episode 275: Orlando City and Pride Roster Decisions, Pride Stars Traded, Transfer Rumors, and More



Orlando City and the Orlando Pride made their roster decisions following the 2021 season and of course the first of those dropped the day our last episode dropped. Back from vacation, I reconvened with David Rohe to see how close we got on our predictions on the last show. It turns out we didn’t do too badly. We started with Orlando City’s decisions and which ones were surprising and who the Lions are trying to bring back (but haven’t yet). We also touched on the Facundo Torres rumor and how it could be a sign that Orlando City is ready to get younger in its approach to using Designated Player slots.

We also discussed the Orlando Pride roster decisions and which ones were surprising. The Pride also have a new coach, who should know everything she needs to know ahead of the upcoming NWSL Draft. Multiple Orlando Pride players who have been a core part of the club for several years have left the team for Gotham and San Diego. We talk about the departures of Ashlyn Harris, Ali Krieger, and Alex Morgan, and what it means for Orlando. We also talk about the scapegoat Morgan has become for a vocal minority of fans and why a striker who doesn’t create their own scoring chances is never going to be successful on a team that struggles to provide service.

Also, Jodie Taylor went to San Diego and Emily van Egmond went to Australia — at least for the time being in the case of the latter.

This week’s mailbag asked about the Philadelphia Union’s playoff COVID situation and birthday wish lists. If there’s anything — and we do mean anything — you want us to address on the next show, just ask by tweeting it to us at @TheManeLand with the hashtag #AskTMLPC.

Stay safe and enjoy the show!

Here’s how No. 275 went down:

0:15 – Being nice to others online, Orlando City’s player decisions, and a transfer rumor that’s been hanging around.

32:32 – Orlando Pride contract decisions, three star NWSL players exit the club, and a new coach for the Pride as well.

1:09:26 – Mailbag time! We unanimously add Pele in his prime to the Lions and it turns out the pandemic isn’t over.


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