PawedCast Episode 341: Dagur Dan Thorhallsson Interview, Montreal Preview, a Congested May Schedule, and More

An exclusive interview with Orlando City’s Icelandic midfielder.



Image courtesy of Orlando City SC / Mark Thor

It’s the start of an insanely busy month of May for Orlando City (and the club’s fans, obviously). It’s a busy time for us here at The Mane Land as well, as we’ve launched our new membership program over at Buy Me a Coffee (BMC), which is similar to Patreon but with a hipper name. There is already some exclusive content for members available at our BMC page and we plan to take good care of those who subscribe with as much bonus content as we can think of in return for your continued support. All we ask is that you check it out and see what you think. As we add items officially, we’ll include them in the descriptions of the different levels, but there’s a pretty good explainer here that outlines what we’re trying to do.

After a brief description of the membership levels, we dive into what a crazy month awaits the Lions, starting tomorrow night at CF Montreal. This month is a vital one in Orlando City’s fortunes in 2023, with several key Eastern Conference matches and the start of the Lions’ participation in the 2023 U.S. Open Cup.

We’re delighted to bring you our exclusive interview with Orlando City midfielder Dagur Dan Thorhallsson, as the Iceland native joined us to answer a lot of questions and probably more from our Founders than from us, if we go back and count. Dagur Dan was a great guest and — you heard it here first — he loves the mailbagbox!

Speaking of that mailbagbox, it was devoid of your questions this week but hopefully we can answer anything you ask us next time.

Finally, we previewed Orlando City at CF Montreal, including our key matchups and score predictions for Saturday’s match.

Stay safe and enjoy the show!

Here’s how No. 341 went down:

0:15 – Our new TML membership program is up and running and May is a month that can make or break Orlando City’s 2023 season.

25:40 – Dagur Dan jumps on with us and the Icelandic midfielder answers a ton of questions — ours and yours.

42:07 – Our mailbagbox was empty, but we’re bringing you our key matchups and score predictions for Orlando City at CF Montreal.


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