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PawedCast Episode 281: Preseason Results & Rumors, Pride’s Challenge Cup Schedule, and More



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Orlando City got its 2022 preseason underway with a pair of matches within the past week and neither the results nor the injury news was what Lions fans were looking for. The club dropped its opener to Minnesota United — or was it the Chicago Fire? Nah, we’re pretty sure it was the Loons — last Thursday and then fell 1-0 to FC Dallas on Saturday. The latter match had the added angst of seeing new Designated Player striker Ercan Kara helped off the field and unable to put any weight on one of his legs.

The news wasn’t dire on Monday, however, as the club announced that Kara is day to day with an ankle sprain. We don’t know the severity or how much time he’ll miss but it wasn’t an ideal start to his time with Orlando City. Hopefully he’s a quick healer and the injury wasn’t as bad as it looked to those in attendance. Speaking of attendance, we hope to see you out at Orlando’s next preseason match this Friday against Colorado.

Facundo Torres arrived in town and there was a hot rumor to dissect to wrap up our coverage of the Lions this week.

The Pride have their schedule and their group for the 2022 NWSL Challenge Cup. Get ready for three home matches in the competition and hopefully Amanda Cromwell’s side will surprise some folks and make the knockout stages this year. Cromwell teased an attacker signing this week so we’ll be on the lookout for eyeball emojis from Ian Fleming.

We also discussed the last USMNT qualifer in the most recent window — a really stupidly scheduled match in sub-freezing temperatures that saw only two of the opponents subbed off due to hypothermia. Hey, at least the Yanks won, but they could have done that in a much nicer climate.

This week’s mailbag asked about athletes becoming the targets of fan ire and abuse, musical choice limitations for life, and whether the Pride have an advantage with fewer internationals this season. If there’s anything — and we do mean anything — you want us to address on the next show, just ask by tweeting it to us at @TheManeLand with the hashtag #AskTMLPC.

Stay safe and enjoy the show!

Here’s how No. 281 went down:

0:15 – Orlando City got a pretty big scare with Ercan Kara and hopefully he’ll be back quickly. Also, hopefully the Lions will start winning games soon. It’s just the preseason, but winning is always better than not.

14:15 – The Pride know who, where, and when they’ll play in the NWSL Challenge Cup and the coach says the team might be getting some offensive help soon. That’s good, because Mia Fishel is off to a great start at Tigres.

31:18 – Our mailbag wants to torture us by limiting us to one musical artist/album/song for the rest of our lives. That’s just cruel.


PawedCast Episode 391: Orlando City Off-Season Roster Predictions

It’s our annual “stays or goes” episode, where we try to predict which Lions will be back and who will depart.



Image courtesy of Orlando City SC

With only MLS Cup remaining, it’s a painful time of the off-season for Orlando City fans. As such, we try to entertain you a little bit by diving into our annual “stays or goes” episode. Quite simply, we go down the Orlando City roster, giving you what contract information we know and trying to predict which players will be back in purple next year and which ones will be moving on to another team. Before the break, we went down the first half of the OCSC roster.

This week’s mailbagbox asked us about Christmas ornaments, obscure Orlando City jerseys we’ve spotted at games, and the first season of MLS on Apple TV+. Remember, if there’s anything — and we do mean anything — you want us to address on the show, just ask us by tweeting it to us at @TheManeLand with the hashtag #AskTMLPC.

Finally, we jumped back into stays/goes with both feet, trying to predict the core of the 2024 Orlando City roster. There may be a bit less guesswork now that we have more reliable contract information, but you never know.

Here’s how No. 391 went down:

0:15 – We tackle the first half of Orlando City’s roster asking each other if that player will stay with the Lions or be playing elsewhere next year.

29:02 – It’s mailbagbox time!

45:05 — We continue our game of stays/goes through the remainder of the OCSC roster.

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PawedCast Episode 390: Columbus Rewind, Orlando City’s Off-Season Priorities, and More

We hate it when a plan doesn’t come together.



Image courtesy of Orlando City SC / Mark Thor

Welp, the season is over. It seemed like this was an Orlando City built to do the darn thing, but you can’t do the darn thing if you don’t score any goals. It’s also difficult to do the darn thing when one of your center backs gets sent off and your team has fewer players than the opposition. These are the things the Lions had to contend with on Saturday and there were still opportunities there to take the game. We discuss all of those chances that went wanting and select our unanimous pick for Man of the Match.

This week’s mailbagbox only had one submission, but 10 (!) questions. Don’t worry, they went quickly, as it was a rapid-fire trivia game for your hosts. We got some right. We got many wrong. Remember, if there’s anything — and we do mean anything — you want us to address on the show, just ask us by tweeting it to us at @TheManeLand with the hashtag #AskTMLPC.

Finally, we broke down Orlando City’s off-season priorities, in order of importance. Obviously there are three key figures who either need to be re-signed or replaced with someone of equal or higher quality — it’s not going to be easy to find someone who fits that description, let alone three someones, so we are hoping for the re-signing thing to happen. There are Designated Player slots to consider, guys who have their loans ending, and others who need to have their options picked up or sign new contracts entirely.

Here’s how No. 390 went down:

0:15 – We open the show with our recap and breakdown of Orlando City’s 2-0 loss to Columbus after extra time. The Lions could have used some goals, quite frankly.

20:24 – We dip into our mailbagbox, only to find out it’s trivia night!

34:29 — Orlando City’s off-season priorities are pretty straightforward.

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SkoPurp Soccer Episode 30: Pride Protected from Expansion Draft, Off-Season Roster Status Updates, and More

The Pride are marked safe from Bay FC and Utah, roster decisions announced, and more.



Dan MacDonald, The Mane Land

We’re back for our November monthly episode and so far it’s been a quiet off-season for the Orlando Pride. However, business should be picking up soon and just within the last week there has been plenty of news to chew on.

The Pride made a couple of trades to stay safe during the upcoming NWSL Expansion Draft. We break down what Orlando sent to Bay FC and the Utah Royals, including draft picks and one regular player from the lineup, and it looks like the club is compiling Allocation Money again, which can only be a good thing. The club sent a clear message that management and the coaching staff are confident in the way the roster is shaping up and they don’t want to see anyone plucked away, only to develop for a new team. It will be interesting to see how that pays off.

We had some good questions in our mailbagbox, aksing about the prospects of the Pride’s free agents returning for 2024 as well as the likelihood of whether Orlando will be going after one particular well-known free agent. Remember, you can ask us anything by hitting us up on Twitter at either @TheManeLand or @SkoPurpSoccer and using the hashtag #AskSkoPurp. Or you can visit our show page, scroll down, and fill out the handy form.

Finally, we discussed the Pride’s end-of-season roster announcements to let you know which players are seemingly gone, which have had their options picked up, and more. The club has recently done a good job of locking up players across multiple years, so there was not as much to get done this off-season, but it will be interesting to see which free agend

Here’s how Episode 30 went down:

0:15 – The Orlando Pride won’t have any players plucked from their roster in this year’s NWSL Expansion Draft. Here’s why.

9:30 Mailbagbox time! We answer our listeners’ questions.

19:45 – A look at the Pride’s off-season roster decisions and pending free agents.

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