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Orlando City at San Jose Earthquakes: Match Preview, Starting XIs, Predictions, and More



A lot has happened since the last time that Orlando City last took the field: Katy Perry announced her next album and a tour stop in Orlando; the president did something that made a lot of people upset; the NWSL’s non-allocated players formed a players’ union; and Derek Jeter’s No. 2 was retired by the New York Yankees, to leave out a very large handful of things that also happened.

Wait…it’s only been three days since Orlando City last took the field? Oh!

Well the Lions (6-3-1, 19 points) are back at it again, this time as they travel across the country for a meeting with the San Jose Earthquakes at Avaya Stadium this evening (10:30 p.m. ET, TV27).

With just a week off after a run of three games in eight days, Orlando kicked off its second crowded fixture schedule — this time a span of three games in nine days — over the weekend with a 2-2 draw at home against Sporting Kansas City. It was the first non-win at Orlando City Stadium in six games this season. Cyle Larin scored his seventh goal of the season, breaking a three-game scoreless streak, while Kaká also added a goal, his third of the season since returning from a hamstring injury four games ago, but it wasn’t enough to hold off Kansas City, which scored late in the second half to level and leave town with a well-deserved point in hand.

You could argue that the Lions are in somewhat of a skid right now, having captured just one point from their last three games after getting off to one of the hottest starts in MLS history through their first seven games. The defense has let in eight goals over these past three games, but the club doesn’t see it as anything to worry about moving forward.

“I think occasionally you can over-stress what your team does wrong and under-stress what opponents do well,” Jason Kreis said after the Sporting KC match. “From my opinion, we’re still seeing a lot of the fundamentals defensively that we want to have happen, probably a little bit unlucky tonight with the two goals against us, but as long as we’re working the right way I can’t get too bogged down with those statistics.”

As for San Jose, they’ll be looking for redemption after going on the road to Colorado and letting in three goals as they were shut out by the Rapids, 3-0. The Quakes (4-4-3, 15 points) are sitting in a playoff spot as we speak, and much like a lot of other teams in the league, they’re undefeated at home this season, with three wins and two draws in five games in their third season at Avaya Stadium.

All-time, neither team has been able to gain an edge between the two clubs: Orlando City traveled to Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara in 2015 and played the Earthquakes to a 1-1 draw, despite being down a man for more than half the match due to Brek Shea’s red card. And just last season, the Quakes came to Orlando and Camping World Stadium and finished 2-2 on a very late equalizing goal from San Jose.

Starting XIs

Orlando City SC vs San Jose Earthquakes - Football tactics and formations

Orlando City

Just as they did in Toronto and Houston earlier this month, the Lions face a tough task when heading to San Jose. The Lions did, at least, charter a plane to California, and will fly back immediately after the match, but it’s still not easy for any team to jump on a plane, fly across the country, and play a soccer match a day and a half later. But that’s what the Lions will be doing and, regardless of the travel, they expect to show up at the stadium ready to play and leave with three points.

The club went through a stretch like this just recently, and see it as an opportunity to focus on what was done wrong and to do things differently with the game at San Jose and then again in Orlando against New York City FC on Sunday.

“I think we have to look at what we can do differently, whether that’s rotating more players, whether that’s staying with the same lineup in all three games, I think we have to think of those things,” Kreis said Saturday night. “As far as the tactical preparation, there’s not much more that we can do. We did everything we could. Again, for me, the Houston game was a poor performance, the Toronto game was a really good performance, really positive performance. Obviously a result we didn’t want, but still a positive performance.”

Jumping off that point, it does seem probable that some key players will get rotated out to keep the legs fresh for New York over the weekend. That would mean guys like Matias Perez Garcia and Luis Gil possibly getting in the lineup. Giles Barnes, of course, could see significant minutes again. With Tommy Redding now gone with the U.S. U-20s, the Lions are a looking a little thin at center back. Jose Aja has played 90 minutes in back-to-back games since returning from an injury, so I think it’s possible he sits on the bench for this one, even for someone like Leo Pereira, who hasn’t appeared for the club yet despite featuring on the bench on multiple occasions now.

San Jose Earthquakes

This match-up has the potential to deliver a couple of fun moments. For starters, it’ll be Matias Perez Garcia’s first trip back to San Jose since he was traded to Orlando last season. The Argentine midfielder logged over 2,000 minutes for the Quakes from 2014 to 2016, but even though he was marked as a Designated Player with tons of potential, he never quite found his place in San Jose, thus was sent to Orlando City in exchange for Darwin Cerén, another former Lion who was among the big-time fan favorites since he joined the team during its USL days in 2014.

Cerén was among the best defensive midfielders in the league in 2015, but struggled with a couple of injuries in 2016 and eventually fell out of favor when Kreis took over the squad. The defensive midfield was already a deep position for Orlando, and Kreis had no problem moving Cerén for an offensive player. It’s worked out for Orlando, while Cerén has struggled to capture that same top form for the Quakes.

The Earthquakes do have a host of scoring options to look out for throughout the match, including — of course — USMNT regular Chris Wondolowski, who is having a successful season to this point with four goals and five assists to his credit. Midfielder Jahmir Hyka is another player to watch. He has two goals and three assists, and can create some havoc for Orlando’s defensive midfielders.

Player to Watch For

Chris Wondolowski may seem like he’s been around for the longest of times, but that hasn’t stopped him from still being one of the most productive MLS players of all time. San Jose plays mostly in a 4-3-3 with Wondo deployed as the right winger up top, but that still keeps him lurking around goal, ready to pounce on the ball and take his shot. It’s what he does best, and it’s been an effective tactic since 2005.

Prediction: Orlando City 3, San Jose Earthquakes 3

Both of these teams are playing on short rest. San Jose is coming off a bad loss, and Orlando is going to be looking for a big game and three points. Following the upward trend of goals between the teams in their meetings, a 3-3 draw is the obvious outcome.

Jorge Gallardo, The ManeLand

Orlando City

The Mane Land Announces Membership Program

Maximize your Mane Land experience with our new TML membership program while supporting our independent efforts.



Hello, readers of The Mane Land and listeners of our podcasts. Before you start reading this, please note that the most important part of this post is at the end. So, don’t stop until you get to the bottom.

You may recall that when we left SBNation to become independent, we really weren’t sure the best way to go about that. Many of our readers and listeners generously offered to help us make that transition, but we still weren’t sure the best path forward, so we took a poll.

The poll was pretty much split down the middle between those who preferred a one-time, Kickstarter-style campaign (which we did, and those of you who stepped up to help completely blew us away!) and those who favored a Patreon-style, subscription-based membership with extra perks. In fact, the member subscriptions option got a few more votes in our poll.

The folks who took part in our GoFundMe fundraiser were fantastic and are now immortalized on this very site on the “Our Founders” page. But we had always planned to give folks the option to choose whichever method of support they preferred and we tried to communicate that throughout the process. It took a little longer than expected to get up and running, but our membership subscription program is now in place! (You may notice the fancy new banner ad about it on the home page, echoed below.)

Supporting TML helps build a better TML for you to enjoy, so you’re really subscribing to your own Orlando soccer fandom.

Part of that delay was thinking up something that didn’t encroach on the benefits we gave our Founders. Those folks helped us get started and deserve the exclusivity of the perks they got. The other part of the delay is that there just aren’t enough hours in the day. (However, for you guys, I’m willing to be cloned.)

We have utilized the popular Buy Me a Coffee platform to run this program. You can find the basics here. The Mane Land premium membership program includes three tiers of membership, as well as the option to click on the “Support” tab for those who just want to help us out whenever, without joining the program or adding any recurring “appointment-based” payments to their budgets. We love that feature of Buy Me a Coffee (or “Buy Us a Beer” in our case…you drink what you like).

For those who do choose to become members, we hope we have provided value and we are planning to add benefits along the way, in addition to providing special giveaways, events, etc. (more on that below). We have also provided subscription options — with monthly or annual memberships. The annual cost essentially gives you 12 months for the price of 10.

Current Benefits

The current membership benefits depend on which level of support you choose — Homegrown Player, TAM Player, or Designated Player level. Each level includes all benefits from the lower tiers, with additional benefits for each higher level.

Homegrown Player: This is a basic set-it-and-forget-it level of support for The Mane Land, providing a way for our readers and podcast listeners to contribute to the success of TML‘s independence goals. We want to compensate our current volunteers, replace lost income of those who previously received small stipends from being part of the SBNation network, add photographers, attract new writers, and expand our coverage. Additionally, each Homegrown Player Level member will be recognized in a Lion Links column, which is still typically our most widely read post of each day and one of the top daily links columns among soccer sites. Homegrown Player Level members will also be included in any future prize drawings we have or events we host and may be subject to future benefits as they are added.

TAM Player: In addition to Homegrown Player benefits, TAM Players will receive a new weekly e-newsletter in their inbox (unless you opt out…some people hate email). These will be informal missives from myself, other TML writers, or a combination, discussing what’s on our mind regarding Orlando City, the Pride, OCB, or soccer in general. Think of it as an extra post from our site that may cover multiple topics. Additionally, you’ll get a 10% discount from our web shop items that we control (presently, that means everything except our listed MLS Shop items). We will definitely have more benefits coming for this level soon and will look for opportunities to include additional benefits as they become available.

Designated Player: This limited availability level of support includes all perks from the Homegrown and TAM levels, but it goes beyond. Your discount at our webshop (for items we control) will be 15% off. Additionally, we’ll send you Zoom links to watch us “make the doughnuts” whenever we record the podcast. This includes when we interview guests. You’ll see how the sausage is made behind the scenes and everything that we say, some of which will end up on the cutting room floor before the final podcast is sent out. This includes both The Mane Land PawedCast and SkoPurp Soccer: An Orlando Pride PawedCast. And after two months of membership you can commission a bonus episode of either podcast simply by letting us know what topic you want us to cover. Think of this as an extended Ask Us Anything. We’ll do a whole show about your topic and you can even join us to discuss it if you wish.

The DP Level will certainly have additional benefits tacked on as we move forward. It is currently limited to 40 members but could be expanded slightly depending on demand and our Zoom attendance.

Future Benefits / Benefits Under Consideration

While we won’t be able to schedule these due to the random nature of items falling into our hands, there will be periodic prize giveaways in drawings that include all of our members, regardless of level. The catch is that you get one entry per level of support, meaning Homegrown Player Level members will get one entry per prize drawing, TAM Player Level members will get two entries per drawing, and Designated Player Level members get three entries for prize drawings. Some of the kinds of items we have come across in the past include match tickets, trinkets, posters, scarves, and so on.

We are planning to add a message board to our website, well…soon-ish is the word that comes to mind. The plan for the message board is to build our community and further the discussion about the club. As part of this, we’re planning an exclusive, members-only area of that message board that TAM and DP members can access. This will be a place our staff can share informational nuggets we can’t necessarily write stories about for various reasons and interact with our members on a daily basis.

Other things in the works include meet-and-greets/watch parties where you can chat with TML staff members and catch a road match with a bunch of like-minded Orlando City/Pride fans while we all cheer on the team together. There may also be other informal outings with one or more members of the staff, organized fantasy leagues, random Zoom calls for Q&A sessions, and perhaps even some organized group outings for Orlando City / Pride matches, national team games, etc.

The Most Important Part of This Post

Remember at the top of this post, when I said the most important part is at the bottom? Well, that seems like a long time ago, now, so it’s OK if you’ve already forgotten.

The most important part of our membership program is you. We want your feedback so we can make this program something that interests and excites you. We want to know what you like and dislike about this program. We want to know if there are some things we didn’t think of that interest you. If you like what we’re offering, tell us! If you hate what we’re offering, we want to know what you’d prefer instead or in addition. If you want to go drinking with Dave, we can probably arrange that, but it’ll be a unique tier and we’ll have to figure out the cost of that.

No idea is too crazy to suggest, even if it’s too insane for us to actually offer. Let us know what you want from your subscription and we’ll see if that’s something we can do. We’ll make it easy for you by putting the form right here below this post, which is now concluded.

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Welcome Home!



Where do I even start? When we were told in January that SBNation was pulling its support of The Mane Land and other MLS and NHL blogs — and many podcasts — I was devastated. The site had become my new baby in September of 2014 and after eight and a half years, I wasn’t ready to let it go.

I was in a pickle. I couldn’t afford to lose the monthly stipend I had been getting from SBNation to manage the site and provide a steady stream of content. It wasn’t that it was a huge monthly sum, but it mostly covered my car payment. That car was purchased when my salary was higher. The pandemic hit my day job like it did to many, and after a four-month layoff, I got my old job back but not at the same rate. So, imagine taking a pay decrease at work and then, on top of that, losing the amount you spend per month on your car payment. There was simply no way to launch The Mane Land independently, I thought, because I simply couldn’t cover the startup costs. Even with some generous offers from the staff to pitch in, there simply wasn’t a way.

Once we took the news public, there was an outpouring of support on social media. We appreciated both the pledges to help out that we got from the community and the signal boosting that the national media gave blogs like ours. Those national folks rely on local reporting for background.

Encouraged by this outpouring of public support, I met with the TML staff and we threw some ideas around. We polled our Twitter followers to see how our community would prefer to show their support. We got pretty close to a 50/50 split between those who wanted to provide a one-time donation via a Kickstarter or GoFundMe crowdsourcing effort, and those who would prefer some sort of premium subscription add-on service like Patreon or Buy Me a Coffee.

We didn’t get a lot of responses to that poll, but we decided as a group that since the results were so similar, we would offer both and let the public choose one path, the other, or even both. (Stay tuned for news soon-ish on the premium subscription level, but rest assured, everything you’ve been getting for free at TML will remain free!)

I was, admittedly, skeptical that we could raise enough startup money to create a private business, pay for hosting a new site and two podcasts (having long wanted to give the Orlando Pride their own unique show), registering a domain, paying for some design work and consulting, and any unexpected expenses that might come up. However, I thought we’d at least give it a try.

Then the amazing Orlando City, Orlando Pride, and TML community got involved. You guys pushed us past our bare minimum goal in just four and a half hours when our fundraiser went live on March 1. We reset our goal and you met that by midnight. We reset our goal again, to the dream total we discussed on our initial staff Zoom chat and you met that by that first weekend.

Stunned. Humbled. Amazed. Touched. All of these words apply to how that made us feel, but they don’t quite cover it. I think we all felt an enormous responsibility, as well. We felt a mandate to provide you the best site and the best coverage we can.

We got everything we needed to run the site for two years, even if we don’t earn a penny after our launch — and we plan to try, via advertising, a Patreon (or similar) program, an online shop, affiliate links, and anything else we can think of. But we decided to leave the GoFundMe open through the end of March, just in case there were folks who wanted to contribute but needed to wait for payday, or if more people wanted to become founding members of this new site.

Now, here we are. You guys did this. We’re here because of you. And this site isn’t quite what it will become. I’m still learning my way around WordPress, after being away from it for years. There’s more to build, and some of the things you’re seeing on this site now will be improved in the future. We’ll continue to tweak it, add things, and upgrade as we go.

For now, I just want to welcome you to your new online home. On behalf of our entire staff, I thank our founding members, who are now immortalized on this site in our founders section. If you weren’t able to contribute to our transition from SBNation’s network to an autonomous and independent, new version of The Mane Land, you can thank the folks on our founders page, because without them, we wouldn’t be here. And if you still want to help out, we’ve got more things on the way.


Michael Citro
Managing Editor

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Orlando City

Intelligence Report: Orlando City vs. Philadelphia Union



It’s Matchday Eve once again, and Orlando City is looking to right the ship after a tough 2-1 loss to Charlotte FC last Saturday. This week the Lions will hit the road and take on the Philadelphia Union up in Pennsylvania.

A date with the Union means I caught up with Joe Lister, one of the writers over at Philadelphia Soccer Now, the new home of what was formerly SBNation’s Brotherly Game. As usual, Joe was extremely helpful in getting us up to speed on Philly.

One of the storylines in Orlando City’s off-season was Andres Perea’s departure for the Union. How has he performed so far?

Joe Lister: He’s done really well. Perea has sat behind Ale Bedoya thus far in the season, but as the Union’s captain exits matches a little earlier this year, Perea has stepped in well. He’s also seen significant minutes in Champions League play, and has been great in all competitions. He’s not fighting for a starting spot, but Perea is exactly what Philly needed: a role player.

Paxten Aaronson and Sergio Santos are no longer with Philly. How have they been replaced?

JL: Frankly, Santos and Aaronson have been the Union’s least important transfers of recent memory. The absence of Cory Burke is felt a little more in the first team, but it’s hard to say that Jim Curtin is regretting letting Santos and Aaronson walk.

In the larger picture of transfers, Philly brought in Perea and Joaquin Torres to boost the attack, and they’ve looked solid this far. Torres has demonstrated abilities at the No. 10 and the No. 9, and Perea, as you know, has huge upside at the No. 8.

Obviously, the Union are competing on two fronts to start the season, which can make it a bit tricky to judge performances when rotation is coming into the mix. With that being said, what are your early impressions of the team this year?

JL: The team is a little shaky. For some reason, the same starting XI that reached the MLS Cup final is struggling to gel.

The attack, more specifically, is having a rough go. It took some time to get forward Mikael Uhre going, but as soon as he did, Julian Carranza picked up a red card. It isn’t pretty right now, and the Union truly looks like a mid-table side in MLS action.

Are there any injuries, suspensions or call-ups that will keep players unavailable for selection? What is your projected starting lineup and score prediction?

JL: That Carranza red card will give him a suspension against Orlando, and goalkeeper Andre Blake may be missing the match due to a grade one adductor strain (though he could be cleared to play within the next few days). The Union will also be missing a bunch of players to international duty. Daniel Gazdag, Damion Lowe, Jose Martinez, Richard Odada, Quinn Sullivan, Brandan Craig, and Jack McGlynn will all be out. I’m no math major, but that adds up to nine absences.

Deep breath, here’s my lineup projection.

This isn’t gospel, but Curtin turned to a 4-3-2-1 when faced with injuries in 2021. My gut is that he’ll try something similar here.

Joe Bendik; Kai Wagner, Jack Elliott, Jakob Glesnes, Olivier Mbaizo; Jesus Bueno, Leon Flach, Alejandro Bedoya; Joaquin Torres, Andres Perea; Mikael Uhre.

With all of that said, the Union just can’t pull this off. The team is missing too many players, and they just don’t look comfortable in MLS. This one goes to Orlando, 3-1.

Big thanks to Joe for getting us caught up on the Union. Vamos Orlando!

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