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Orlando City vs. Philadelphia Union: Player Grades and Man of the Match



Orlando City has now lost three straight games after falling 3-1 on the road against the Philadelphia Union. The Lions did well to bounce back from a goal late in the first half, but Union forward Kacper Przybylko scored a brace to take all three points.

Let’s dive into how each Lion rated and who was our Man of the Match.


GK, Pedro Gallese, 5.5 — The Peruvian didn’t have much of a chance at stopping the Union’s first, as it was deflected by Kyle Smith and sent the opposite direction. Gallese was closer to stopping the Union’s second goal, but he wasn’t able to go from covering the near post to protecting the center of goal quickly enough to stop a fast shot from Przybylko. He guessed wrong on the penalty late in the match and that was the nail in the coffin for Orlando. Gallese made five saves and earned a yellow card for rushing out and tackling Sergio Santos before the forward could sprint towards goal. El Pulpo was successful on 76% of his 21 passes and completed seven of his 12 long balls as well.

D, Kyle Smith, 4.5 — Smith played at left back in his first start since Aug. 18 and struggled in the game’s key moments. Orlando had a good chance to counter after a free kick from the Union, but Smith’s pass to the pack of Lions charging upfield was stopped and the Union scored shortly after. Smith was also unable to clear the ball on the end line in the buildup on the Union’s second goal. He had a key pass by setting up a shot for Mauricio Pereyra, but Smith didn’t have any crosses and was subbed off in the 68th minute for Joao Moutinho. Smith led the Lions with six tackles and also had two interceptions. He had 48 touches and only completed 16 of his 25 passes for a 64% success rate.

D, Antonio Carlos, 4.5 — Carlos was sent off in the 88th minute for bringing down Sergio Santos in the box and now won’t be available in Orlando’s next match. It was a tough way to end a frustrating game for Carlos, who wasn’t able to close down on Przybylko’s first goal in time to stop his shot. Carlos had six clearances, a tackle, an interception, a defensive block, 53 touches, and was successful on 83% of his 42 passes. If there is any silver lining to Carlos’ red card, it’s that it should allow him a chance to reset and come back stronger considering the defense has conceded 12 goals in four games.

D, Robin Jansson, 6 — The Swedish defender led the team with seven interceptions, doing a decent job to cut off passes as the Union tried to infiltrate the defense. Jansson added four clearances and three tackles for a decent defensive performance despite the score. He had 61 touches and completed 84% of his 37 passes to help Orlando build out of the back. Jansson also had a key pass, crossing in a good ball for Tesho Akindele to get a piece of.

D, Rodrigo Schlegel, 5 — It was Schlegel’s first time starting since Aug. 17 and he had a busy afternoon with six clearances, a tackle, and a defensive block. The center back was struck in the face by Przybylko right before the Union’s goal, but play went on and the goal stood after video review. Schlegel was substituted off in the 75th minute as Orlando tried to change its shape to score. He finished with 33 touches and completed 92% of his 24 passes while also picking up a yellow card. We will likely see Schlegel on Saturday against the New England Revolution now that Carlos is suspended.

D, Ruan, 6 — After getting a taste for goal last week, Ruan scored his second goal in MLS with a great header to bring Orlando level in the second half. The right back lurked around the back post and signaled his run for Mauricio Pereyra to serve him an uncontested ball. Only one of his four crosses was successful, but that cross was nearly an assist as he whipped in a good ball into the box for Junior Urso. Ruan benefited most from Orlando’s formation as he was able to push further upfield while the center backs stayed back. As a result, he didn’t have any defensive stats and was too far upfield on the counter to help on the Union’s first goal. The speedster had 43 touches and completed 24 of his 28 passes for a decent 86% success rate.

MF, Junior Urso, 6 — The Bear nearly scored in the 74th minute after getting his head on a good cross by Ruan, but Philadelphia goalkeeper Andre Blake came up with a good save to deny him. It was his best of three shots, one blocked and the other on target but saved in the bottom right corner. Urso led the Lions with two key passes and completed 24 of his 32 passes for a 75% success rate. He did well on the defensive end as well, making six interceptions and two tackles to stop Philadelphia from outright dominating the midfield. It wasn’t Urso’s best performance, but he was one of the better Lions on the field in this one.

MF, Joey DeZart, 5 — The 23-year-old wasn’t able to continue after going down with an injury in the 20th minute. With the Union on the front foot early on, DeZart wasn’t able to make much of an impact beyond a tackle and a successful dribble. He completed four of his six passes and had nine touches. Given how thin Orlando is in the midfield at the moment, hopefully the injury isn’t too serious.

MF, Mauricio Pereyra, 6.5 (MotM) — The Uruguayan delivered a perfect cross for Ruan to head into the back of the net and give Orlando a lifeline on the road after a difficult first half. It was Pereyra’s ninth assist of the season and he wore the captain’s armband with Nani suspended. His assist was his only successful cross of the game and he completed 40 of his 50 passes for an 80% success rate, which isn’t too bad considering the length of some of his unsuccessful attempts. While he had three shots, two were blocked and the one on target didn’t give Blake much trouble. He played all 90 minutes and chipped in defensively with a tackle, an interception, and a defensive block while leading the team with 73 touches. The 31-year-old is our Man of the Match for keeping his composure throughout the game and serving a perfect ball for the team’s smallest player to score off a header.

MF, Benji Michel, 5 — Michel had a rough time against the Union. He was only successful on one of his five attempted dribbles and just couldn’t get much going offensively, although he did have a key pass late in the match to tee up a shot for Pereyra. Michel played every minute of the match but didn’t have a shot and was shown a yellow card for simulation after going down in the box. The winger had 38 touches and completed 75% of his 16 passes. The winger did help out defensively with three clearances, but didn’t make much of a difference in the match.

F, Tesho Akindele, 5.5 — The Canadian striker did well when pressing and hustling back to defend, racking up two tackles and an interception in 67 minutes of action. But Akindele wasn’t able to get much done on the offensive end despite doing well to win possession. He had two shots, one off target and the other deflected, and no key passes as Orlando struggled to create chances throughout the match. Akindele finished with 37 touches and 21 passes at an 86% success rate.


MF, Raul Aguilera Jr. (20’), 5 — The Homegrown Player came on in the 20th minute for an injured DeZart. Aguilera didn’t make much of a difference in the match, but did contribute defensively with two interceptions and a clearance. He didn’t get forward much and completed 27 of his 32 passes for an 84% success rate and had 42 touches as well. It was the longest shift Aguilera has played for the Lions this season and he picked up his first yellow card in MLS to stop a potential counter.

F, Daryl Dike (67’), 5 — Dike came on in the second half to give a spark on offense, but wasn’t able to give the Lions an equalizer. He had no shots or key passes, finishing the game with just 12 touches and seven passes at a 71% completion rate. He’s played 168 minutes over the course of these last three losses and has only registered one shot, which was off target. Defenders have scored Orlando’s three goals in these three games and Dike will need to make more of an impact with important games left on the schedule. 

D, Joao Moutinho (67’), 5.5 — The left back came on for Kyle Smith to provide the Lions some more firepower to score. Both of Moutinho’s crosses were unsuccessful and he didn’t have any key passes. Moutinho didn’t have any defensive stats, but had 26 touches and was successful on 79% of his 19 passes as he tried to build possession along the left side.

MF, Silvester van der Water (75’), 5 — Like Dike and Moutinho, van der Water was brought on for the Lions to equalize but unable to make much of a difference. Van der Water had just seven touches and was accurate on three of his five passes. He didn’t have any shots, crosses, key passes, or dribbles in the loss. That being said, it was nice to see van der Water take the field considering his availability for the match was uncertain.

That’s how I saw things play out in Orlando’s loss to Philadelphia on the road. Make sure to weigh in on how you feel about the grades in the comments below and to vote for who you think deserves the title of Man of the Match.

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Orlando City

Orlando City vs. D.C. United: Player Grades and Man of the Match

How did your favorite Lions perform in Orlando City’s 3-2 win over D.C. United?



Image courtesy of Orlando City SC / Mark Thor

Orlando City came back from two deficits against D.C. United to claim a huge 3-2 win this weekend — the team’s second victory of the season. It looked like it would be a long night for the Lions in the first 20 minutes, but they turned it around. Down a goal late, David Brekalo and Duncan McGuire converted to earn Orlando City three points.

Here’s how I saw the individual performances by the Lions.


GK, Pedro Gallese, 6 — Gallese took his usual position in goal and had a strong night. He allowed himself to get pushed out of the play on the opening goal by Christian Benteke, though it arguably should’ve been a foul on D.C. He ended the game with four saves from six on-target shots, including two huge saves in second-half stoppage time. In addition to his shot stopping, Gallese completed 51.9% of his 27 passes, including seven of his 20 long balls. He was also credited with three clearances on the night.

D, Kyle Smith, 5.5 — Smith got the start at left back in this game over Rafael Santos, recording 53 touches. He had three tackles, three clearances, and a blocked shot. Going forward, he only completed 76.5% of his 34 passes, but connected with his lone cross and five of his nine long balls. He also won two aerial balls and was booked just before coming off for handling a ball that he should’ve cleared, giving D.C. a free kick in a dangerous position. The defender was replaced by Santos in the 73rd minute.

D, Robin Jansson, 6 — Jansson was a strong point for Orlando City once again in this game. He recorded one tackle, two interceptions, a blocked shot, and three clearances. Going forward, the center back completed 80.4% of his 46 passes, including four of his seven long balls. Arguably his biggest play of the game was drawing a foul late at the top of the box when D.C. was pushing for an equalizer.

D, David Brekalo, 6 — Brekalo had 60 touches and completed 76.6% of his 47 passes, including three of his 13 long balls. Defensively, he recorded one tackle, one interception, and two clearances. He made his first significant offensive impact as a Lion by getting his head to a Nico Lodeiro corner kick in the 82nd minute to even the game at 2-2.

D, Dagur Dan Thorhallsson, 6 — Thorhallsson only had 58 touches in the game, but the right back made the most of them. He completed 76.7% of his 30 passes and three of his six long balls, but failed to connect on his lone cross. Defensively, he recorded two tackles and three clearances. However, his biggest impact came in the 28th minute, when he got his head onto Ivan Angulo’s cross to even the game at 1-1.

MF, Cesar Araujo, 5 — Araujo’s 70 touches were the most on the team for this game. He only completed 78.2% of his 55 passes, but connected on two of his four long balls. Defensively, he won two tackles and blocked one shot while committing a team-high four fouls. He was also late getting over to cover Gabriel Pirani on the second goal for D.C. Overall, it wasn’t one of Araujo’s best games.

MF, Wilder Cartagena, 5.5 — Cartagena started in the defensive midfield alongside Araujo. He recorded 41 touches and completed 81.3% of his 32 passes, including a key pass, his one cross, and one of his three long balls. Defensively, he recorded two clearances. As is common with the midfielder, he was booked in the first half for standing over Jared Stroud after a foul by Angulo. He was taken off during a triple substitution in the 72nd minute, replaced by Lodeiro.

MF, Ivan Angulo, 6 — Angulo was the least involved of the midfielders, only recording 35 touches. However, he completed 76.2% of his 21 passes, including a wonderful cross to Thorhallsson on the Lions’ first goal of the night. His lone shot was off target, but he helped defensively with a tackle and team-high three interceptions.

MF, Facundo Torres, 5.5 — Torres recorded 50 touches in this game and completed 90.9% of his 33 passes with no key passes. He was accurate on only one of his three crosses, which was an issue. His lone shot was off target but not by much, as he sent his effort just wide of the right post from outside the area. He came off in stoppage time after the Lions took the lead for center back Rodrigo Schlegel.

MF, Martin Ojeda, 5.5 — Ojeda started in the attacking midfield for this game, recording 46 touches. He completed 71.4% of his 21 passes, including two key passes, one accurate cross on his four attempts, and two of his four long balls. He also had four unstable touches and an off-target shot. Defensively, the attacking midfielder had a team-high four tackles, helping his team retain possession before being replaced by Duncan McGuire in the 72nd minute.

F, Luis Muriel, 5 — Muriel got the start alone up top, but had a difficult night. He got involved in the game with 36 touches and completed 64.7% of his 17 passes, including two key passes. He took two shots, with one on target, and completed two dribbles, but had five unstable touches. He could’ve had a much better performance, but attempted to dribble through the opposition in the box rather than finding a teammate, losing possession. The forward’s night ended in the 87th minute when he was replaced by Felipe.


D, Rafael Santos (73’), 5.5 — Santos came on in the 73rd minute for Smith at left back. He had 14 touches and completed seven of his 10 touches (70%), but failed to connect on his one long ball and three crosses. He also didn’t record any defensive stats in his 17 minutes of action.

MF, Nico Lodeiro (72’), 6.5 (MotM) — Lodeiro came on in the 72nd minute for Cartagena, looking to make a difference. The midfielder touched the ball 18 times and completed 75% of his 12 passes, including two key passes, two of his three crosses, and one of his three long balls. Both of his shots were on target and his through ball for McGuire in second-half stoppage time gave him the assist on the game-winning goal. Although the stats sheet credited Torres with the assist on Brekalo’s goal, it was the veteran who took the set piece, which should result in a two-assist night once the league has had a chance to review the tape (see below…even Evan Weston calls him ‘Torres’ on his call). Lodeiro was a game-changer when he came on so, despite his lack of minutes, he earns my Man of the Match.

F, Duncan McGuire (72’), 6 — McGuire came on with Lodeiro as the Lions were chasing the game. He had 14 touches and completed 44.4% of his nine passes. However, the striker was brought on to score and did so in stoppage time, timing his run perfectly and finishing well on the breakaway. He also recorded a tackle and clearance but gets a high grade from me for doing exactly what he was brought on to do in scoring the winning goal.

MF, Felipe (87’), N/A — Felipe came on for Muriel as the Lions looked to see out a point, but he only touched the ball three times. He completed both of his passes, but didn’t record any other stats in his minimal time on the field.

D, Rodrigo Schlegel (90+2’), N/A — Schlegel came on right after the game-winning goal for Torres as the Lions looked to see out the win. He had two touches and an incomplete pass, but no other statistics.

That’s how I saw the individual performances in Orlando City’s win over D.C. United. Let us know how you saw the game and vote for your Man of the Match below.

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Lion Links

Lion Links: 4/15/24

Lions beat D.C. United, Pride pick up road win over Utah Royals, Barbra Banda arrives in Orlando, and more.



Image courtesy of Orlando Pride / Jeremy Reper

Hello, Mane Landers. I hope all is well with you down in Florida. Orlando City and the Pride both won over the weekend, and there has been plenty of action in European soccer. Over the past week, I’ve been busy covering high school sports like lacrosse and softball. There is plenty to cover today, so let’s get to the links.

Lions Top D.C. United

Orlando City overturned a late 2-1 deficit to win 3-2 against D.C. United at Audi Field over the weekend. David Brekalo scored the equalizer in the second half to tie the match at 2-2. Duncan McGuire came off the bench in the second half and scored in stoppage time, as the Lions beat D.C. United for the first time since Oct. 2, 2021. The Lions were 0-3-1 against D.C. United over the last two seasons prior to Saturday’s win. Orlando has now picked up points in each of the last three matches. Orlando City will be on the road again this weekend when it takes on CF Montreal on Saturday.

Orlando Pride Defeat Utah Royals; Help Arrives

The Orlando Pride got their first win of the 2024 NWSL last Friday with a 1-0 against the Utah Royals. Marta came off the bench in the second half and scored the lone goal to seal the win for Orlando. The Pride drew each of their first three matches to start the season against Racing Louisville, Angel City FC, and the Chicago Red Stars. Friday’s result means the Pride have six points through four league matches and are fifth in the NWSL table.

Despite needing four matches to pick up their first win of the year, the Pride are ahead of last year’s pace at the same point in the season, and remain undefeated (1-0-3) despite still waiting to play with this off-season’s marquee signing, Zambian international striker Barbra Banda. The new Pride forward arrived on Sunday to a warm welcome at Orlando International Airport.

It will be interesting to see how quickly Seb Hines can get Banda acclimated to the club and the league. Orlando could use Banda’s offensive firepower, as the club has struggled to score goals in the early part of the season. The Pride will be back in action against the San Diego Wave this Friday.

Bayer Leverkusen wins Bundesliga; Manchester City Leads EPL Title Race

Bayer Leverkusen cruised to a 5-0 win against Werder Bremen on Sunday to win its first ever Bundesliga title with five league matches left to spare. Xabi Alonso’s side won the league title by a 16-point margin, ending Bayern Munich’s 11-year run as title holders. Leverkusen is also unbeaten through 43 matches across all competitions. Meanwhile, in England, we have a new Premier League title race leader as Manchester City crushed Luton Town 5-1 on Saturday. On Sunday, Arsenal lost 2-0 to Aston Villa and Liverpool lost 1-0 to Crystal Palace. There are six match days remaining and this race could go down to the wire. Manchester City is at the top of the table with 73 points, while Arsenal and Liverpool remain two points behind in second and third, respectively, with 71 points.

Free Kicks

  • Houston Dash winger Maria Sanchez has reportedly requested a trade four months after signing a record-breaking deal in NWSL history in the off-season to remain with the club.
  • Manchester United edged Chelsea 2-1 to beat the Blues for the first time ever. Making the win even bigger was that it took place in the Women’s FA Cup semifinal. United will play Tottenham in the final at Wembley on May 12.
  • The EFL Championship is three weeks away from its finale, with a few clubs featureing Americans still in the mix for promotion. Josh Sargent’s Norwich City side holds the final playoff spot, while Haji Wright’s Conventry and Duane Holmes’ Preston North End in the hunt for a shot at promotion.
  • The AS Roma versus Udinese match was suspended after defender Evan Ndicka collapsed away from play and had to be stretchered off. The game was tied at 1-1 with about 20 minutes remaining when Ndicka went down. The club shared this update on social media.

That will do it for me today, Mane Landers. Enjoy your Monday, and I’ll see you next time.

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Orlando City

Orlando City vs. D.C. United: Five Takeaways

What did we learn from a 3-2 road victory against D.C. United?



Image courtesy of Orlando City SC / Mark Thor

Orlando City came from behind twice on the road at Audi Field to earn three points against a good D.C. United team, winning 3-2. It was by no means a perfect match for the Lions, but Head Coach Oscar Pareja and company pulled the right strings when it came to the lineup and substitutes after a bye week to earn the team’s biggest result of the still young season.

Here are our five takeaways from the match.

Sluggish Start

D.C. United found itself up 1-0 before most fans at home and in the stadium probably had a chance to settle into their seats. Christian Benteke, a man who you absolutely do not want to allow any space in the box, broke free for a header from the back post on a corner kick five minutes into the match. Say what you want about the contact that was allowed on Gallese, but El Pulpo could have been more demonstrative coming off his line. The shellshocked Lions took the next 20ish minutes to work themselves back into the match, but there was certainly a lot of concern early from those watching the events unfolding in the nation’s capital.

Angulo Creates the Equalizer

Once Orlando woke up, the squad was able to string together a solid second part of the first half with possession, passing, and solid cutting. The first equalizer of the night came in the 28th minute as Ivan Angulo streaked up the field and utilized his speed to get the ball into a dangerous position before playing a perfectly weighted ball to the back post, where Dagur Dan Thorhallsson slammed home an emphatic header. It was a welcome sign for Angulo to get involved as a contributor after an otherwise forgettable start to the year.

Muriel Lacking Quality

Much has been made about the signing of Luis Muriel, who has had a storied international career. His start to his time in the City Beautiful has been less than inspiring, however. On a night when he got the starting nod over fellow striker Duncan McGuire, Muriel looked slightly off and oftentimes was the victim of over dribbling or taking one too many touches.

His best goal-scoring opportunity came on a brilliant ball from Martin Ojeda with the D.C. keeper far off his line. Attempting to chip the keeper from distance would have been asking a lot and Muriel decided to dribble into the box, ultimately trying to guide the ball into the opposite corner. However, it was blocked by D.C. defender Aaron Herrera. One way or another, Orlando is going to need Muriel to find the back of the net, but when that happens may be anyone’s guess.


Remember where your heard the phrase ‘Breakagoalo,’ OCSC fans, as it is being coined here and now. With two weeks of rest, David Brekalo found himself inserted into what is undoubtedly his starting role for the remainder of the year, and he was able to open his Orlando City and MLS goal-scoring accounts. After D.C. once again pulled ahead, 2-1, a little after the hour mark of the match, Brekalo was able to showcase his athletic ability and aerial presence by outleaping multiple D.C. players on a corner kick, sending a glancing header into the net to level the game at 2-2.

These are the types of goals that Orlando City has lacked — not just this year, but last year as well — and there is no reason to think that Brekalo can’t find the net multiple times this year from corners and set pieces.

Duncan Does it Again

Duncan McGuire opened his account a little over a year ago, scoring his first career goal against D.C. United. Inserted as a super sub on Saturday, with the team down 2-1, it seemed then very fitting that he would be the one to find the late winner for the Lions. The TV angles unfortunately failed to capture the full greatness of his run, which started with an excellent ball from Nico Lodeiro. McGuire did everything right from that moment on by using two strong touches and then calmly picking out the right corner before hitting his famous flip celebration.

McGuire’s goal — and the late winner that it provided — was exactly what Orlando City needed to start to right the ship as the team looks to climb back up the table.

That’s what I saw in Orlando City’s come-from-behind victory against D.C. United. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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